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  1. Cmullins

    Fish tb

    Chiming back in. Little fella is looking better. he did end of having these weird white dot things on him so I did a round of ParaCleanse. did a water change this morning added a bit more salt his sides are healing nice and he is eating. Going to continue to monitor and I’ll chime back in another week.
  2. Cmullins

    Fish tb

    Chiming back in. Fish looks a lot better redness is gone. Wounds look a lot better. but little feller isn’t going for food that I can see. doing a 25%water change today and will hit with some salt and I’ll chime back in another week.
  3. Cmullins

    Fish tb

    Those are dots from the plastic I didn’t see any cysts when I examined the fish.
  4. Cmullins

    Fish tb

    I appreciate it thank you. i started with some Maracyn so I’ll chime back in a week.
  5. Cmullins

    Fish tb

    Hey everyone, happy holidays. i have a bosmani rainbow I put in quarantine. i think it’s just bacterial and or fungus infection. But I just watched a Bentley pascoe talk and I heard him mention fish TB and now I’m sketched out. can anyone help me identify what’s going on with this fish thank you all
  6. My phosphates are way way over 1-10pm.thank you for this though very helpful. much appreciated ✌️
  7. Good day everyone. was hoping I could get some help. what levels are good for phosphate before it starts an algae explosion. thanks
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