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  1. I previously asked for help because of a diatom bloom. I think I fixed that but as soon as it was fixed now I have what looks like hair algae. Can someone identify what this is and the best way to treat it?
  2. No the thermometer on the side of the tank (not pictured) says 80 which is going to go down, the water I added was slightly warmer than I intended. Usually I keep my tank at 78.
  3. I ordered some java moss for the rocks, Aponogeton Crispus as a bonus plant, and some water sprite to float.
  4. Here is my updated tank. I have taken everything out and cleaned it. I did a 90% water change so hopefully this works.
  5. So what do I need to do with my cartridge? Throw it away and just use the filter by itself?
  6. So do i order a bunch more plants or do i wait to control the diatoms first?
  7. I use root tabs and have thought about ordering floaters thanks! so should i just throw away the cartridge and have no cartridge?
  8. I also have a sponge filter in the tank but this is the filter that came with the tank.
  9. Ok im about to clean it now. Lastly can one of you tell me what to do with my filter? It seems to be covered in algae and my media cylinders are also green and brown. Ive cleaned them before with a toothbrush but it took like 2 days for it to come back even worse.
  10. I will try this for the upcoming week and if it doesn't work I will post an update. Thank you!
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