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  1. Oof, I totally didn't take the tank height into account, which would be my only real problem, as I already have and plan to use a Kasa timer. I'm trying to keep things as low-tech as possible while also achieving a lush carpet and well established ecosystem. I've pulled this off before, with a $35 petco light and no experience, so I'm hoping I can make this work haha. what you had to say about dry start is good tho... when you have done this, have you experienced melt back when you flood the scape?I have no issue going about this method, I'm just curious
  2. Did some research and ordered the Hygger today. It will be here tomorrow evening! loving the interaction on this thread, I'm probably going to order some microsword and dwarf sag from the coop in a couple weeks! I'll be sure to share pictures of the hard scape when I get there
  3. Okay... I wasn't planning on injecting CO2 so I think I'll do something else. I've had good success with dwarf hair grass. has anyone had any luck with dry starting a carpet or aqua scape? I'm on the fence about this, because it just seems weird to grow a bunch of plants out of water to just cause melt back... anyone with experience?
  4. With the shallow nature of my tank, I'm leaning more towards Monte Carlo as a carpet, since even a moderate light should get good par levels to the bottom of the tank. So I guess the next question is, have you seen any good budget lights that would do that kind work?
  5. Its about 9.5 inches, so with substrate in the tank the plants will be closer to the surface than in a standard 10 gallon or even a cube shaped tank. I have had good success with pearlweed, but you're right about the maintenance. It can be a real pain. Probably going to do dwarf hairgrass with maybe a crypt wendtii bronze as a little accent.
  6. I was actually leaning that way, as far as scape goes, and was considering either CPDs or a group of chili rasboras or something. It's tough to say at this point, when I haven't even received the tank haha. I also like what @_Eric_ has to say about seriyu stone. I think that the more muted striations would allow for some more versatile placement of the hardscape. Any carpeting plant recommendations?
  7. I recently ordered a 6.5 gallon bookshelf tank, and I'm trying to think of what would be a good layout. I want to do something super simple, as all of my current tanks are for breeding and not so much for show (although there are plants and hard scape aplenty). I want to do something with shorter carpeting plants, such as hair grass or dwarf sag, but I'm not quite sure about hard scape and what not. What do you guys think? I'd also like some tips with stocking. I've kept similarly sized tanks in the past, and just want to know your ideas as far as nano fish and inverts that might be cool in a miniature showcase tank. Any suggestions?
  8. @StreetwiseI ended up using earthworm castings, just to avoid the larger chunks.
  9. 11-26 Yesterday I went out and bought the supplies to build and level my very own stand. I have gotten things set up and now just need to finish filling the aquarium and purchase a heater. I will be stocking the aquarium with X. Hellerii ‘Wild Green’ and a few bristlenose, and will keep track of progress daily. I will enter the progress in weekly journal entries. When the tank is 100% and planted I will post pictures!
  10. 10/30 Ugh… trying to find a place for this tank has been a struggle, and actually has made my plans impossible. I have an older tank- I bought it used a few years ago and have done repairs on it twice, and so for me to feel comfortable filling it with water I need to ensure that its location is *perfectly* level. I live in a house that was built in 1920. The only place that is perfectly level is taken by my 20 gal display tank. As a result, I’m going to have to put this project off until I am living elsewhere. In the mean time, I’m going to go nuts planting my display tank until it can’t be planted anymore! Thank you so much for your help, advice, and kind words in this forum! I’ll revisit this when I am able to get everything out together the way I want to!
  11. Thanks for the encouragement! I currently don’t have anything to sift my soil, so I’m thinking just earthworm castings or something similar.
  12. I’ve got a really good population of triops and other microscopic crustaceans. They also ate some of the flake I feed my other fish, which was a happy surprise. It was nice to know that I can supplement their diet with flake food for at least a couple days if they destroy my microscopic organisms.
  13. 10/29 Boy, work was rough this week. Lol. I went to my LFS yesterday with the intent on buying a couple plants. Then I saw the scarlet Badis, so there was an impulse buy and my budget for this week😅 While I’m super happy about my pair of Scarlet Badis, I fully intend on purchasing 1-2 plants weekly and getting them converted so that when we arrive at Walstad planting time, we can just go! Also, I’m having trouble deciding between a compost, topsoil, or earthworm castings. I want to stay as true to the method as possible, but I also want to test some stuff out. Because of this need to tinker, I may transform my current display tank into an earthworm casting Walstad tank, and compare the results to the larger version. I have no doubt that both will be successful. Cleaning and placing the tank today, and hopefully painting it with some black acrylic paint later this week. I’ll post a picture of the final painted and placed tank! Thanks for reading, I PROMISE this will be worth it in a couple weeks time:) P.S. I added a pic of my male SB! Hope you like it😁
  14. Not yet! I’ll post a pic of the tank I’ll be using here soon though. Just want to get it painted and placed😁
  15. 10/20 Got the guppy grass! Currently propagating it so there’s more to toss in the Walstad when we get there! I didn’t realize how much planning would go into this project, but I’ll continue to keep you updated while I get things set up!
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