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  1. Ty you for the response I feel more relaxed .
  2. Should I be concerned about this dark spot that has popped up last month or so on my bristle nose pleco? It seems to have gotten a little bigger. She seems fine just looks strange. she’s in the tank with her mate and 8 black neons and a few snails. water temp is at 79 0 nitrite 0 ammonia little to no nitrate planted 75 gallon. weekly water changes. Ph is at about 8 I live in Texas and hard water is it here. Any advice is welcome thanks
  3. thank you Will give it a shot. We have that med also and we have aquarium salt. Thanks for the advice all.
  4. I do not have any pictures of the clowns loaches. But we did look at and thought of the possibility that it may have been Epistylis. When it popped up on the loaches first it looked like sand from the substrate but we had never seen it stick before. We started the Ich-X treatment. But within 3 days they all died. We then set up a medical tank and removed all remaining fish to it. Because one of the clown pleco showed signs of something but it was more grey or tan spots. We lost both of them. But tried to save them medicating them with co-ops trio because we didn’t know. And still not to sure. Here is a pic of the pleco and the progression.
  5. I had something that started out looking like Ich in one of my tanks. I started a treatment of Ich-X but it spread so rapidly that all my fish were dead within 3 days. well all but 5 small tetra. It is a 75 gal tank with some driftwood and plants. I have the tetra in a medic tank now and want to disinfect and rebuild the 75. My question is what is the best way to disinfect the driftwood that has live plants on it? I will be disinfecting the tank and filtration system and starting the water cycle all over but would love to save the plants and driftwood. Replacing the substrate and cleaning all the other rocks etc. I just don't know best way to treat the driftwood and plants to disinfect them without making them not safe for the clean tank. What ever hit my tank started out looking like a grain of sand ( had white sand substrate ) on one or two of the tails of my clown loaches tail. but within 3 days they were covered and also had a whitish fuzzy fungus on them and all died. I lost them and two small clown plecos. Whatever it was that hit the tank I'm scared that if I don't disinfect everything it may still be alive. Any advice is appreciated just incase it helps 0.0 ammonia 0.0 nitrite less then 10 ppm nitrate weekly water changes and cycled tank thanks
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