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  1. @Lennie Thanks! I have good luck with anubias. For a long time, the plants in my tanks were primarily anubias and java fern. It had been maybe 15 years since I bothered to try anything else. This past fall, I decided to overhaul my aquascaping and ended up with spare anubias - hence they are now in my quarantine tank! The Q tank also sports a gangbusters colony of phyllanthus and salvinia that I purchased as part of my overhaul. I keep the Q on a seed-starting shelf (I am also a gardener) under seed-starting lights, so the plants are doing pretty well. The plants provide shade so the light isn't so bad for the otos! Regarding my misspelling, I made a hot mess of the word - I posted with something like "ototincinclus"!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Yes - all of the purchased otos are alive and well (knock on driftwood). All of them have taken to the zucchini so I have an opportunity to check them out when they are grazing. I picked up some Super Green recently but haven't had a chance to make it up yet. Will try that soon. I will also prep some additional types of veg to see what else they will enjoy, but am excited that I got over the hump of finding a food that they will eat. I tried Hikari Algae Wafers but they were not interested in it at all. I suppose my next challenge will be planning and executing their eventual move into my 75 gallon long-established tank. I've started using some water from the main tank in the q-tank water changes but haven't yet set a date or timeline for the move. Thanks again for the encouragement!
  3. Hi All! First-time poster to the forum. I just obtained a small group (5) otocinclus. I started them in a quarantine tank that have been running at 24 hours lighting for a couple of weeks (per Cory's article). We are just starting Week #3 in quarantine. I have been feeding them Soilent Green and blanched zucchini. They are eating both, but they really seem to LOVE the zucchini. When I first gave them a half moon slice of zucchini, they took about 2 days to eat it all. Then they were only taking 1-1/2 days. Now they are consuming the zucchini in about 24 hours. I am sure small snails in the tank are helping them with the task, but I do observe the otos eating on the slice. My question for the forum is should I replenish the zucchini as soon as they finish off the last piece or is there any reason to fast them for a a day (or more) in between? I do feed with Soilent Green after every few zucchini slices. Thanks for any insight you might be able to provide! Kristina
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