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  1. Oh, more info. Squeezed sponge filter prev in axlotl tank into this tank at startup to boost bacteria. Haven’t done any water changes since startup either. I know I’m prob not doing things right and may be doing some “stupid” things. I’m not prideful or worried about looking like an idiot or admitting mistakes. Brand new to this and I want to learn.
  2. 10gal - room temp ~66F - pH 8.0 - ammonia/nitrite/nitrate all 0 (zero) per API kit - ? KH/GH - fish from a chain Pet Company store - set up and stocked about 4+ Weeks ago - one of dalmatian mollys started listing to left last week and died within 48h - tail of Tuxedo? noticed 3d ago to look ragged (pic). White spots that look like salt granules noticed 2-3d ago; seems like yest there were more on orange fish than today. There are “lesions” under mouths of orange and tuxedo fish (if you can see it in pics). Fish are eating great; live dalmatian is much more aggressive today and more frequently at top water line as well as the other two (Orange stays at top near sponge filter bubbler side). Dalmatian has been flashing for a couple weeks occasionally but much more so past 2d as well as other two fish. 2 Amanos, 3 glass and 2 small blue shrimp obliviously eating and growing very well. Plants were “culture plants” from same store and in good health growing entire time. Never had snails. Current fish + 3 others were in Axolotl tank x8 hours until those +3 were eaten overnight. Just trying to give as much info on possible variables/factors that may/may not be significant.
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