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  1. Thank you! I currently don't have any KH test liquid it was out of stock last time I tried to get it lol. But I'm pretty sure she's still eating she came out each time to eat but I didn't supervise to see if she was spitting it out, her gills are red. And I'm now noticing a few others are red/brown which happened last time I had columnaris too. I've done a water change and added salt yesterday, I also added some pimafix and melafix as some had some fin rot and it's just what I had on hand that wouldn't screw the cycle. Redness on some fish decreased and she started swimming more hence why I got the video before that she was hiding behind the filter and wouldn't come out.
  2. Hi, I also been told it seems like columnaris again. Die to the shimming. There is more than 20 fish in this tank
  3. Hey guys got a fish in my big tank in the garage, she's obviously having a hard time I noticed her like this yesterday. No idea how long it's been going on, tank parameters are okay I also have another 2 other fish like this but they're not this bad they're just a little skinny guessing possible wasting disease or TB 😓 Any advice on what's going on here and how to treat it? Haven't brought any fish in over a year these are grown fry from my guppies. I have let the tank go to crap as I just had a baby didn't have time for regular water changes.. Ph: 7.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 20ppm GH: 150 Temp: 26°
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