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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Since i'm pretty new in this hobby, I don't know much on tap water parameters. It's just when I do water test it indicated PH level at 6.0 and hardness as mentioned earlier, while the rest are indicated in the "ideal" state. Anyways since I really wanted a live planted tank with at least half portion of the surface having carpeted plants while the rest with different mid and background plants and using spiderwood and some stones as hardscape. Just wanted to give the plants a big survival chance hence the concern on substrate. BTW i will also be using the hygger full spectrum light, I think they are programmable, also a hang on back filter. Also planning to use root tabs and liquid fertilizer.
  2. White sand would be nice, but not the fine grain type. I think water hardness would be 6.5- 7.5. I saw the caribsea torpedo sand... thoughts on this please. Thanks.
  3. Thank you both for your responses. I forgot to mention I also have the fluval stratum I think (the one with the red label, not the blue labeled with "bio... something". If the aragonite will not work. Will this fluval work as underneath substrate in a media then topped with a course sand as final substrate? If so, any suggestion on a course sand product? (I'm not really liking the appearance of fine sand). Thanks again. BTW I will look into the Walstad tank also later when I get home. Also would you happen to have a suggestion on the leveling mat. Others say the yoga mat is not sufficient as leveling mat.
  4. I am new in fish hobby. Actually it is my 5 year old son who likes to have fish, but that started it all, and here I am more interested than ever. I just got a 29 gal tank from Petco (they are on sale), I am just thinking of getting different kinds of neon tetras, and perhaps some golden gourami as centerpiece (suggestion is appreciated). On this note, my cousin gave me a 40lbs caribsea aragonite ( CaribSea ACS00050 Aragonite Reef Sand for Aquarium) which I like because of its grain size and color and it helps the cost down for a new setup. I know the aragonite will raise the PH of the water, but what would be a good mix with the aragonite so as not the raise the PH that high? or if anyone could suggest a cheaper aquarium soil (that supplies nutrients and whatever for live plants) and substrate would be of great help. Our water hardness here in Virginia is just average if that helps.
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