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About Me

a teenage aquarist with a few years of keeping fish.

My first tank was a betta bowl when I was 7 (i didnt know  any betta!😂)  it soon became my best friend! It died a few years later (it was the oldest one out of all my siblings bettas) fast forward a few years and I see another betta at a petstore, I rememberd how fun it was owning my first one and after running the costs i relized it would only be like $30 (i still didnt know that you couldnt keep them in bowls). But after asking for a betta for my birthday, my parents got me a 10 gallon aquarium. I stocked it with...

-Angelfish, Female Swordtail, Pearl Gourami, German Blue Ram, threadfin rainbow.

Only the angelfish is still alive. After a year or two I upgraded to my 40 Gallon Community Tank. 

I currently have a 5 gallon betta tank, a 40 Community Tank as well a 10 gallon breeding setup. Follow my aquarium journey here

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