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  1. He did not have clamp fins when I got him he’s just a reg betta he look so different from when I got him...
  2. He likes to hide I don’t get why he is acting like this he does still eat but most of the time he hides...
  3. I got him about a week ago...I have him in an 8 gallon tank and it’s been cycled he has a heart that keeps his take at 78-80f I do water changes every two weeks I test my water 0 ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrite , 20ppm nitrate. I have no clue why he is look like that? Can someone help?
  4. The reason I used Ro water was bc the tap water it’s so hard I get calcium deposits on the glass
  5. It’s for a newly setup betta tank and I didn’t know ro water needed to be mineralized...
  6. I have RO water I was wondering if I could use easy green to put the minerals back into the water using easy green?
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