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About Me

I am The Killer of Fish.  I have purposefully, accidentally, with full knowledge and because of lack of knowledge killed fish.  If you are new to the hobby or a veteran of thirty years you have killed fish.  It is inevitable.  Fish die whether by water quality, disease, ineptitude, purposeful culling....  I'm not saying it is a good thing.  It is a fact of life.  Recognize it and despite it, enjoy the beauty of the nature around us and in your tank(s).

I have three:

  • 90 gallon community tank -with an Angel pair and Corydoras that I have had for at least two years. The others were either purchased or I received as a rehome over the last year - 3 Blue Opaline Gouramis, 2 Gold Opaline Gouramis, 7 Harlequin Rasboras, a couple of Tiger Endler females and now a few fry, a pictus catfish and some bladder snails.
  • 10 gallon full of bladder snails and assassin snails and a colony of neocaradina shrimp that started as a group of four Cherry shrimp culls.
  • 29 gallon that is dedicated to a future C.A.R.E.S. species that hasn't been determined yet.  It will be a species that does not need a heater like many Goodeids and the White Cloud variations.  I always love to hear suggestions, and if anyone is ready to spread their CARES stock around lets talk.  Currently, the tank is inhabited by two Tiger Endler females and a lone White Cloud Mountain Minnow that was a surrender to my LFS.
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