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  1. All i can do is salt. Live in Canada. Meds are limited 🙄
  2. Not sure if the damage to her gill and the eye thats enlarged is treatable...im prepared to euthanize if needed.
  3. Ammonia and Nitrites are 0 Nitrates are 10ish PH (done by ph pen) 7.1 KH and GH unknown currently Fish "seems" ok. Doesnt appear to be breathing rapidly, swimming normal and not hanging near top also eating normally (fed a few hours early to check)
  4. Her gill seems to be torn off and the eye area is super swollen... Sorry about the dust...
  5. Magnified it just looks like mush ... And no it's not moving 🫤
  6. I grew some hair grass and after a month or so I have this weird white ish stuff under my plants... Any clue?
  7. RKF

    What is this...??

    Even better today! Some of her tail has come back now...wasnt expecting that to happen.
  8. Just noticed Charlie seems to have some weird hairlike things on the shell...any suggestions for treatment or....anything?
  9. RKF

    What is this...??

    update @Colu she seems to be doing alot better! She has her gold colour back and the blueish streak! 💗 thank you.
  10. RKF

    What is this...??

    @quikv6 it is a very planted tank. Was...just tore it down to do a salt treatment.
  11. RKF

    What is this...??

    I libe in Canada and med access is limited to vets. 😞 any other suggestions
  12. RKF

    What is this...??

    pH. 7.1 Nitrates. 0 Hardness. 75 Nitrite. 0 Ammonia. 0. KH/Buffer. Not sure Water Temperature. 78F
  13. RKF

    What is this...??

    This was on my poor wee fish Khloe or aka. Nubz.. Any clue??
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