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  1. I forgot to mention that we have been using 1 tbsp. of salt for every 3 litres of clean water we are putting in, and that has been since the initial injury. The original wounds are healed, but she keeps getting this problem where this tissue on her mouth looks like it is sloughing off, then it improves and almost looks normal, then it starts sloughing off again.
  2. Bruce is about 8 years old and lives in Canada, where we are no longer able to buy most aquarium medications. Bruce injured her mouth presumably by swimming into a piece of spider wood on August 16th. She had a bruise on the inside of mouth, a tear in her bottom lip, and a few scrapes on the top lip, all on the right side. (See photo above.) Initially we treated her with Maracyn, but her 75 gallon tank used our entire supply for just one dose. We also tried API Super Ick Cure at the same time in case there was a fungal component. The split lip and bruises healed very quickly, but the abrasions have been getting better and then worse again, over and over. This her today.She is eating, pooping, and acting normally, but her poor mouth just won't heal. We don't know if this is a secondary infection of bacterial or fungal nature, or something else entirely, but either way it is difficult to get any medication here. If we could get an accurate diagnosis, we can focus our efforts on obtaining the right treatment. Can anyone shed some light on this for us?
  3. Can I use these with an apple snail in the tank?
  4. This is our 8-year-old goldfish, Bruce. These ulcers appeared on her mouth this morning and her poop has been thin and stringy. Is this hole in the head? What can we do for her? She is in an unheated 75 gallon tank with regular water changes using our well water. All water parameters are good and nothing has been changed in months, since the addition of some jungle val. She shares her tank with 1 apple snail and 20 white cloud mountain minnows.
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