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  1. Thanks I'm super happy with her 💕😊
  2. my new female betta, shubunkin goldfish colours
  3. update of the tank it now has guppies! and has grown in a lot
  4. I am starting to move away from the krib pair idea just because if they get territorial the other fish with have nowhere to go. So I'm thinking of getting another 5 or so rasboras. Some Borneo suckers to do some cleaning. And maybe a single center piece fish like a apisto. Still sorta deciding but I'm pretty keen on the bigger school of rasboras.
  5. Added another 5 to the gang today!
  6. Hey thank you. Sure is, first time I have used it, it's super light and easy to use! I love aquarium coop videos I will have a look and see if I have watched this one yet! thanks for the info and help
  7. Yep plan is to let the tank deal with the bio load from these 5 and test waters make sure its stable then add another 5. The kribs do have me a little nervous! I have heard mixed things about them. The guy I'm getting them off said they just keep other fish away from the spawn spot. my concern is if they pick the middle of the tank the other fish won't have anywhere to swim but hid in the plants at the top. Worst case I would just separate them chuck the female in a neibouring tank. But yeah still not 100% sure I want to get them.
  8. update on tank, added some moss to the wood, planted a bunch of small crypts. And got my first 5 rasboras
  9. Size is 2 foot by 1.5 by 1.5 works out to be 120 liter. Going to have a breeding pair of Kribs and a school of harlequin rasbora. At least that's my current plan.
  10. I'm new to forum and don't know how to reply to comments. A school of tetras or something like that. And a friend has a breeding pair of Kribs for me 😁
  11. I was thinking the same thing tank maintenance all of a sudden seems easy 🤣
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