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  1. So I know the strips aren’t bad. I ran at my office and saw the strip change for hardness. I’ll have to pick up liquid kit and test GH specifically and see if that shows anything different. In terms of PPM or DGH, 10 gal per 1 capful (5ml) is roughly 83 ppm or 3DGH if at 0 -per google. I don’t have the bottle in front of me at the moment.
  2. I apologize Nabokovfan87, I misread your troubleshooting. I can inform you that when I do the buffers less remineraliz that within 30 minutes - 1 hour the PH and KH rise to the levels I need. I don’t have a spare/fresh RO/DI 5 gal bucket to do the buffer request for 24 hours. I normally purchase 3-5 gal buckets worth for 20% water change in 1 tank and 20% water change for another tank with desperate parameters and 1 spare on which tank needs attention over the other during the week before I purchase refills of water.
  3. The following has 0 buffers added and just Brightwell Remineraliz. I have 3 test strips. 1 prior to adding 10 ml of Brightwell Reminerliz (yesterday) -image 7866, after -image 7866 10ml of Remineraliz was added, 1 taken this AM prior to leaving for work -image 7868, and 1 taken 10 minutes ago -image 7875. Doesn’t seem to show any color change with the GH. I can attempt 1 capful which states to be approx 5ml for any changes. The batch of Remineraliz is not expired. I do have a wondershell coming in the mail to see if that helps with any GH increase. I’m also half tempted to use the salty shrimp GH/KH+ I have to see any changes happen to the GH in lieu of Brightwell…if the salty shrimp works I may purchase the GH+ version and continue to use the Seachem Alkaline and Acid buffers for PH/KH. Appreciate the article, I could never find that before hand and Seachem Malaysia has a video tutorial and developed the following. Just 1 if the few printed out for varying PH/KH needs.
  4. I’ve been using Brightwell Aquatics Remineraliz for over a year and never had issues until recent. I’ve noticed that my GH which used to be hard (which I want) in the tank has gone soft after creating my own water from RO/DI with Seachem Alkaline and Acid buffers to achieve my required PH, KH, and Remineraliz based on directions and formula for 5-gal buckets used for water changes. I do 10/6 to get 1.67 mL per gal, multiply by 5 for 5 gals which should be 8.34 to increase the GH by 10. I’m not seeing an increase in my 5 gal bucket. Now I’m adding the remineralize after my buffers and unsure if that’s causing an issue. Thanks.
  5. Hello, unsure where to place this question discussion topic wise. I’ve just noticed these little things in my 10 gal. Unsure what they may be, any ideas? Tank is planted only at this time with snails. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the response! This is only my second tank and still learning. I just assumed with a name as “Easy Carbon” that it would be a form of liquid carbon so I am not injecting any form of CO2 to assist with plant growth. Stupid mistake on my end. In terms of the hygro, it has shown new growth in where I had trimmed and replanted throughout the tank. It has been like that for about 2 weeks until the yellow spot appeared and up to now that area has gone clear. I have placed 1 tab next to that specific hygro since every other hygro has been shown to be healthy. If I didn’t mention, my might timer is set from 8AM-5PM. I forgot to add. I can’t use my tap water. Even with a conditioner nothing survives…I purchase RODI water and use Seachem Alkaline / Acid buffers together in 5 gal buckets. Since I made this in excel. I’ll change total gal as needed, etc. Please ignore some of the notes since that’s the printout for my 20 gal at home with higher ph, GH, and KH for mollies. the tank in this thread has a printout with it at my office.
  7. Recently established 10 gal tank for plants and shrimp. Plants include Monte Carlo, Hornwort, and Blue Hygro. The Monte Carlo is spreading and slowly poking through randomly in the tank substrate. The Blue Hygro had melted when placed as a bunch and separated began growing new leaves. The Hornwort is floating and places in an easy planter rock. I’ve included a few images of the Hornwort and the Blue Hygro that I was hoping someone can explain what each planting is doing. From the redish/brown tinge on the needles of the hornwort to the random yellow spot and discoloration of leaves on the blue Hygro. I use 1 pump of easy green every Monday morning and Thursday evening. 1 pump of Easy Carbon every morning. I root tabbed on the 4th and planed on doing new root tabs every month around the 4th. Water parameters shown and when KH drops I incorporate 1 cap of aquavitro Carbonate which puts it back up to around a 2-3 DKH. I test every morning to see where the KH and PH rest. I need to lower the GH and I do small 10% changes weekly.
  8. To all whom view, Within the 2 days of this symptom showing the Molly has passed. 😞 No other fish showing identical symptoms or problems. If anyone has any knowledge so that I can learn more…I appreciate any similar instances and possible causes.
  9. The tank has been fed the same amount of food each morning. I haven’t introduced anything new to the tank. I just noticed last night and will keep watching but if the thought of a parasite…I’ll quarantine and use a medication and see if anything changes. Thanks.
  10. I have 2 images of my Molly who has gotten larger in days which I believe is pregnant again. However, she’s been acting different. Floating mostly head down. Unsure this is just a pregnancy problem or an underlying Illness. All other fish in tank acting normal. no spikes and all tank levels normal. thanks.
  11. I was reading that and was based on a 20 gal situation. I’m using 5 gal buckets to make the water. After trial and error using measuring set spoons that are like “drops” “smidgen”, etc I’ve been able to balance it all out. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B091SW8BD5/ref=sspa_mw_detail_0?ie=UTF8&psc=1&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9waG9uZV9kZXRhaWwp13NParams Set has been helpful if anyone else needs small teaspoon sets.
  12. I have extremely high iron in my tap water. I have to use specific salt in my water softener. I’ve also had bad experiences with my gal water when dechlorinated. I utilize brightwell remineralizer. thank you for the better explanation. Could I have just purchased standard baking soda for alkalinity?
  13. Thanks for the insight. Tank has been running for 4 months now. I did run into 1 random nitrite spikes at the end of the first month of the tank being set up. When I did find something like that I was doing 25% water change, test and if still high do another change the next 1-3 days. I also do 10%-15% water changes weekly. The last time I had higher nitrates it was at most, 40ppm.
  14. I’ll see how the individual fry does. The parents can’t get to the fry but I’m thinking when the fry was born it got nipped since I didn’t have the pregnant molly separated yet. Thanks!
  15. Hello, I get RO/DI water from local pet store and using the Seachem products to buffer water for the first time. Products are Seachem Acid Buffer and Seachem Alkaline Buffer. I could only find info on YouTube for Seachem Malaysia discussing the dosages to reach KH and PH with the videos one example. Does anyone have formulas for 5/10/20gal situations? I know it’s a broad question. I’m just looking example situations so I can understand the math behind it and be able to see the formulas visually. I’m a visual learner to see it and then try it on paper to understand. thanks
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