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  1. So if you are looking to breed discus, be careful with any dark colors in the tank. The babies look for any dark shapes thinking it's the parents, including the rim of the tank or substrate and will starve if unable to locate them. I'm looking at placing aquasoil in media bags topped by a white or light colored sand to allow for planted tank and able to breed discus. Let's see...
  2. Thinking I may jump to Discus. I know they're challenging but I live in South Florida and able to speak to Gabe from Jack Wattley Discus. He is amazing with his advice always willing to help, he clearly loves the hobby.
  3. Afternoon all, Had primarily fresh-water aquariums for many years successfully breeding live-bearers. Always killed off my Angelfish, never had any luck but all of the sudden, I found myself able to actually breed them. 🤔. Now taking on this challenge and wanting to breed more egg-layers. Let's see! John
  4. Afternoon all, When doing significant water changes, 15% or more, I typically add decholrinator to the water in a bucket before adding to the tank. However, lifting 5, 5-gallon buckets gets tiring. Do any of you successfully add the water directly to the tank via hose and add dechlorinator at the same time? Thanks! Happy "fishing"
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