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  1. My experience with a cichlid tank (55gallon) was it was no big deal. I used crushed coral as a substrate and had bought a lot of larger river rock so they could hide etc. 20% water change once a week would suffice. They are very colorful fish! I found it to be no different than running any other aquarium. Make sure you have a stand (if the boss isn't giving it to you) that can hold that size of a tank. I used a regular metal stand for a 55 gallon tank and even had over 300 pounds of river rock in it with no problems. I bought the river rock at a local landscaping company. They charged me $5 a five gallon bucket and I believe I had 4 of them.
  2. Thank you so much. Yes, if it's not another a picture would be great. No hurry on this, take your time.
  3. I have a 40 gallon breeder, fully planted with a sponge filter. I'm getting tired of the stains on the glass top from the filter. Does anyone use a different type of cover or does anyone just leave it open? I can have the level of water low enough that fish won't jump, but do have to worry about the cat...LOL. I was thinking maybe a plastic grate cover?
  4. Just pull it off, no harm will be done
  5. My Flying fox became quite large and then aggressive. It seems that while they are small, it may not be too aggressive.
  6. Looking for a great floating plant that will also allow light to enter the tank, as I have lots of plants growing. I have a 40 gallon long, with only a sponge filter.
  7. So, am getting clutches about once every other week now. I don't really want all those snails, and yet, don't want to kill them all... in the egg stage. Any ideas what to do with them... if they hatch?
  8. OK, Thanks. I tried it last night and agree with you... it looks weird.
  9. Which light is better for seeing more nocturnal fish, blue or red? I want to use it a couple of hours before I go to bed to see some of these fish. I have a fully planted tank.
  10. Hi, I have a 40 gallon long, heavily planted community tank. My Peacock eel won't eat out of my hands just yet. When I try to feed it bloodworms, I have to try and sink some near it, but before it can get any the other fish swoop in and eat. Any thoughts on how to get the food to the eel only?
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