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  1. So I did a little digging around and found this; https://aquariumscience.org/index.php/8-5-under-gravel-filters/ Which is not exactly the one I have. The I am using is an old model which is white but basically the same thing. Agreed that I have considered that the substrate may migrate under the plate. A couple solutions offered have been nylon window screening or the black nylon landscaping fabric. Or to just leave it as is. As for the potting soil I have been using Miracle Grow and putting it in a bucket and flooding it to try and strain out the large pieces of wood and debris. The peat moss, the label says it's in there but in the small tank I am using as a nursery for my tank plants the water is crystal clear. Anyways this 36gl planted tank is a project and as I am retired I have plenty of time to try things and not be ashamed of making mistakes and admitting them, then starting over. One of the things I am learning is drift wood and tannin's. I could live with a stained color but this is also looking hazy, cloudy. Not milky cloudy. Because of the staining that I can't get rid of and the poor performance my plants are now experiencing I am contemplating breaking this all down and starting over. Picture 1,2,5 are the 36gl Planted Bow. it has 5 Gourami and a doz. Amano shrimp and god only knows how many red and blue shrimp. The 3rd picture is the 29gl high which is the wifes and contains Tetra Glo, a Glo Shark, a Golden AE and 2 dwarf Gourami and also shrimp. The 4th picture is the Fusion Micro 30L That was acquired used about 6 weeks ago and presently has 2 CAE and a Red Tail shark. These two CAE came out of my 36gl because they kept destroying the plants.
  2. Thanks for the link, have watched a couple of his other videos too before this. Though I hadn't seen this one.
  3. I am running a 36gl. Bow tank with an old style UGF (the big one piece white one that fills the bottom of the tank and is wavy, not flat) with a substrate of mixed 50/50 potting soil and clay kitty litter. It is then capped with small sized pea gravel. Everything was going just fine until I believe I depleted the minerals/nutrients and the liquid ferts just are not getting it. Also I don't believe I used enough depth to add fert tabs. Another question pertains to water staining/tannins. When I first started this I also added a large piece of drift wood and quickly had stained water. Recently I removed the wood, about 3 weeks ago, and have done a number of large water changes yet the staining is not relieving. So can the potting soil also cause this staining? Would adding a deeper cap help?
  4. Have tried to take pix's but they never turn out. Either too dark, out of focus or too much reflection. The Nikon I have isn't the best.
  5. Have followed many of the videos and still looking for somewhere to obtain useful information. Already belong to a couple other forums but I do not see much activity on them. Many questions unanswered. Currently have 3 tanks, 1. 36gl. Bow, 2. 29gl High and a Fusion Micro 30L that I just acquired used. All with fresh water and the 36 is planted with a dirted substrate.
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