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  1. I just got my first Florida flag fish. I am amazed at how much he mows down algae. Great looking fish too! Florida flag fish> SAE
  2. Resealing first, if you can, always get the tank low and away from any walls to re seal. This isn’t the first time I have resealed a tank, but I have not done it often. I taped all around and put me bead of silicone down. Next I pealed my tape. I went to get some fresh air and came back 15ish minutes later to find that edges of my bead curled up. I am guessing I should have pulled the tape as I went. I didn’t trust the seal with the curled edge. So… I scrapped it all off, and scrubbed and scrubbed as much of the residue off. I reapplied and without tape and it worked much better.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you will have a lot to share ! Love to see pics of the fish room
  4. I took my tank off the stand to do some updating on the stand. Painted the wall behind the tank and Painted it all dark brown. Removed the center door and built in a shelf. Added some rattan to the 2 outside doors, and putt trim around it to hide the edges of the rattan. I love how it came out. Next up resealing.
  5. I put a piece of drift wood in my tank. I’m hoping it will sink,at least some. I plan on tying it down tomorrow. I feel that. My wife takes amazing pictures through the glass with little thought. I’ll be there trying set like Ansel Adam’s and get just a glare. One time the picture just looked like the ghost a fridg, from the reflection of the fridge behind me .
  6. I took some gravel and plants from a river once. The little buggies that came out were amazing and kinda terrifying. I really enjoyed it! Highly recommend !
  7. Welcome. You can learn a lot from everyone here. I know I have! Can’t wait to hear about the plants you pick.
  8. I did a test fill of my 125 that I re-did the inner seal on!
  9. I started with a 125 almost 10 years ago. I started with cichlids and with a DIY PVC overflow. I hated seeing the PVC , and hated the constant worry of the aqua lift pump failing. I got to the point with the fish that I wanted more than cichlids. As you guessed introducing anything was time staking and still often failed. I transitioned my cichlids to a new tank. And took down everything. I am going to attempt to journal my journey here. More for my self but I welcome input.
  10. I stared at my empty 125 g. Imaging I had the energy to get started on the setup. 🤣
  11. That’s amazing. Congrats. What do you think enticed them to spawn? Peat, ter. Moss, heat?
  12. Peace Lilly. I put one in to see what it would do. Nothing for a few weeks, then root explosion. It sucked out all of my nitrates though. I had some plants that suffers for that.
  13. That’s a great list for me to start from. I had planned on getting celestial pearl danios already.
  14. It will help take out ammonia, nitrite, nitrate. So sure. I would let the tank start cycle a bit before putting it. I find cycling with plants from the start slows down the cycle. I put plants in once my nitrate starts increasing.
  15. The crushed coral will always help, but the hard the water the slower the crushed coral dissolves, in my experience. I used it for insurance for my PH
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