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  1. Thank you @Guppysnailand @RockMonglerfor your responses. I ended up treating the tank with Genchem No Planaria successfully and haven't had a sighting or a loss of a shrimp since. I took your advice and took the snails out as a precaution. I will return them at the end of the week after a 50% water change. Aero
  2. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I need to find the most effective method of dealing with this horrible outbreak without harming the other inhabitants of my tank?! I have a happy and expanding colony of shrimp and a couple of Nerite snails. As well as eight Chilli Rasboras. I’ve seen the Rasboras take a couple of the smallest Planaria but the infestation is not bringing controlled by them and I’m losing shrimp to them and I’m afraid they might attack my snails too. I’ve done some research but the treatments I’ve found all seem to be harmful to the shrimp and snails. I’ve purchased some traps but they haven’t arrived yet. Aggghhhh they are horrible.
  3. I put 6 tiny Chilli Rasboras and 5 Orange shrimp in on Saturday along with a couple of larger plants and a black background. Been watching the water parameters daily, all seems good so far. So happy to bring it fully to life.
  4. Chilli Rasbora are looking like a hot favourite😜. I will need some bigger plants for cover for them. But as I start to look in to them they might just work.
  5. Hi all, New to this and have so far found this channel to be a great resource. I inherited a tank that was left behind at the place I have just moved to and I figured I would give it a go. I watched a few videos and didn't rush out to buy what I thought would fit in to the small tank 20Lt/5Gal. Instead, I bought a few plants a filter, some substrate and a heater and I've been running the tank for a month now to establish it. The plants are growing and the tank seems to be stable. So here is the big question...Originally, I want to put some Neon Tetras in there as I thought that they would be small enough, thinking that was all I needed to think about, but the more I look in to the subject the more they seems that they not to be the best choice for a tank this size and this will affect their wellbeing. I would like to keep more than one single fish if this would be possible. So what would your advice be? Look forward to hearing from you. And thanks in advance. Aero
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