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  1. Your fish are amazing! Stunning colors! Is that a few zebra pleco I see?
  2. Here is a picture of the parents! The mother is a bumblebee platy and the father I’m not sure what type of platy he is but it’s kinda a dark blue color and some orange on the fins.
  3. Thankyou! I appreciate that! I also think they look very cool and was kinda curious what others would think. The female platy fish this came from is a bumblebee platy and the male platy I’m not actually sure but I have a picture I could upload of the parents.
  4. Nice! What kind of fish do you keep? I think a river tank would be awesome especially with some native fish species!
  5. Hello I am glad to be a part of this forum! I have been breeding some platy fish for a little while now and wanted to see what everyone thinks about a particular platy fish I have bred and have not been able to find this color variation online anywhere but would be interested if any platy breeders here might have some knowledge about it. I’m happy to share my fish with everyone here and would love to hear your thoughts and knowledge!
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