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  1. We use it in our fishroom when we can get it and our whiptails seem to love it more than any of our plecos. SJ
  2. Picked potatoes from the garden I water with water change water!
  3. Don’t forget about white worms! Adding another live food to the discussion fun. Link to my culture https://youtu.be/7JAgVcNi098
  4. Moved hatched out black cories from egg cup to 10gal to size up Picked more black Cory eggs
  5. Three words. Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus!
  6. What does their tank look like and what are you feeding them? I feel like CPD's thrive on live BBS and without proper nutrition that they can start to wither away from all kinds of little things.
  7. Hey there, I would consider Rocket Killifish and Celestial Pearl Danios if you have not yet. Rocket Killifish do not prey on their fry so might be rewarding to get a group of them together and let them colony breed in their own 10g with some moss. Feed them hatched baby brine shrimp and sit back and enjoy. I would start with one or two trios (1M2F) in a 10. As for CPD's they are egg scattering so if you place them in the 10 for a week while feeding live baby brine and then remove them, you should see teeny fry in a week or so. Both projects I have done in the past and found to be really rewarding. SJ
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