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  1. What salinity ppt should I not go over when using a hydrometer? I’m at a 7 now. My daughter changed the water and I want to make sure I don’t overdose. I’m using the instand ocean hygrometer. TIA!
  2. Coppersafe. Ick x didn’t help after 5 days. So I switched
  3. So he is getting better. Now the fancy goldfish has a couple of 1/4 inch approx red lines. Everything I’m reading says to do a water change but meds say not to. Do I change it? Parameters. Ammonia 0 ph 7.6. Nitrite and nitrate 0. Temp 76
  4. Rhonda2022


    Can I add Maracyn 2 with the trio?
  5. I’ve been treating full strength per back label of each of the three quarantine trio meds Cory suggests —-this is the 5th day. The ick has gotten worse. Parameters are perfect. Temp is 71/72- goldfish like cool water. No carbon filter. 1 tbs aquarium salt per 5 gallons used. Plenty of air being given - air stones, hob filter, sponge filter. Water is cloudy I’m assuming from meds. My orange goldfish has white on its wen today. Some torn fins also. And the “grains of sand” - ick spots. Some red lines in fins also. I don’t know what to do… do I keep treating it with the trio? Change water and try something else—copper med for instance? Any suggestions? He is usually such a happy fish! It makes me sad to see him like this. Thanks you for helping
  6. Thank you! I will check out the videos!
  7. Hi! I have a quick question. Can I use all 3 of the the quarantine trio at the same time at full strength/dosage on package for sick fish I just purchased? PS LOVE the company and all it entails! Sooo glad I found it! (Already placed orders!)
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