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  1. I have blue dream shrimp with the same coloration. I'll try to get some pictures tonight of my more weirder ones.
  2. Yes i have large groups of other types of Cory's, just not this one. I was told and thought these were sterbai untill I purchased a group of sterbai. They don't seem to be the same so that is when I went on this hunt to try to figure out what they are. I appreciate everyone's help. This is what I was looking for thank you.
  3. I'd say they are 2 inches. I'll try to get a scale picture.
  4. They were very young at my lfs marked as sterbai. This is well over a year ago maybe two. I originally had 6 but 4 died within the first week in quarantine. I just bought some sterbai and had the realization that these are not that. So now I'm on the hunt to figure out what they are.
  5. I'm confused haha, I've found 4 or 5 different kinds that look similar but not quite the same.
  6. Can someone please enlighten me on what type of cory this is. Thanks!
  7. It could be nothing but pick the snail up and see if the new growth on the shell is super thin and fragile. If it is then I would recommend adding something to the tank.
  8. It can be the genetics. I've had super small swordtails and very large swordtails from the same batch. So I would select breed the large ones and keep the small ones in another tank with out females. Sometimes a couple would grow large but the others would just stay small.
  9. Big box store mollies always have problems. I've been playing with mollies for a little bit now and from what I observe they always have parasites from the big box stores. Always quarantine them. Have your water liquid rock and try to focus on raising their babies rather than the parents. They will be way more heathy grown in your tank. They will live way longer also.
  10. I actually won this tank in a raffle when my lfs had an event. It was pretty crazy.
  11. Here is when I set my 75 up and what it looks like now.
  12. Here is a transformation of one of my tanks. My first tank. 20gal
  13. I am assuming it will stretch out of the tank. Never saw one before, thought it was pretty neat.
  14. I have some real big mystery snails. They only ever ate old or dying plants. I dont have anything to scale this but its massive. Little over 2 years old
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