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  1. Would the Ziss Bubble filter be good for an axolotl tank? I currently use sponge filters but really love these filters in my other tanks. I'm just worried they might be too loud.
  2. I currently use sponge filters for my axolotls but have been wondering if the Ziss filters would be better? They don't seem to create a lot of current and do an amazing job in my goldfish tank.
  3. Not sure how I did it but I misplaced the uplift tube of one of my Aquarium Co-op sponge filters. Anyone know how I can get a replacement?
  4. @Mmiller2001so far I've noticed a marked improvement in some fish that were looking a little rough. It's only been about 3 days so far. I'll let you know after day 7. Fingers crossed.
  5. @siniardem I have had great luck with peace lilies either in my HOB or in a shower basket hanging at the back of the tank. I just pruned them back a couple of days ago because they were growing out from under the shelf. There are two other clumps from the pruning that I gave to some fish friends.
  6. @DanielWhen yours started to breed did you have to move them to a different tank? I was reading that they can be one of the most aggressive angelfish when protecting babies.
  7. I'm getting a shipment of leopoldi angelfish this week. Has anyone had them? How different are they from scalare and altum? Any tips or suggestions? I'm getting 6 so hopefully I will get a breeding pair.
  8. Thanks Cory! I had two bags of wild platies and a bag of sword platies delivered last week and they look a bit rough. Hoping this helps.
  9. I bought the 3 medications that Cory recommended for using in a quarantine tank and now I can't find the video, Ich-X, Maracyn and ParaCleanse. Anyone remember how he uses them?
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