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  1. thanks for the quick response. nice to see you guys have already trialed it through the shop and realized it wasn't a good fit. in the future I hope you guys revisit the idea of some sort of reward program for in store customers. even as simple as every $1000 spent you get a 10% off code emailed to you. this would motivate customers like me to make their $75-$150 visits into $150-$300 visits to get that discount.
  2. Hi Everyone. First post. I love the retail store, my wife happily drives me 45 mins from west Seattle whenever I need something. We pass at least 5 mom and pop shops and probably 8 chain stores. You guys have the best staff and it's what brings us back everytime. I was wondering if you have any plans of offering a rewards program for in store visits? Sierra Fish and Pets sends out various coupons weekly and has a reward system for discounts depending how much you spend. Have you considered 5 star or anything like that? I'm aware of the free frozen foods at $100 but was seeing if anything similar was in the pipeline.
  3. thanks for the update! came in today and scored a pair of Vienna guppies and some other goodies. couldn't find the mud fish, maybe next time. Nick was super super helpful!
  4. Hi everyone. I was wondering if you guys restocked the 3 gallon nano tank in the shop yet. Was in a couple weeks ago and was told to check back in. Really glad I found the forum, especially the retail sub! love the stock updates as it helps decide when best to make the 45 min drive.
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