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  1. I might have one if not I’ll get one. What is is supposed to be at? I guess the water kit will tell me
  2. I just ordered it off Amazon will get it tomorrow morning. Thank you!
  3. I’ll have to check online for that stuff. Petsmart doesn’t carry it and petco I won’t get till a couple days
  4. I’ll check petsmart for this. I read online for the velvet that you can’t mix medicine with the ick medicine? But I guess this one is diffeeent. We did take the charcoal bags out of the pump as the directions said to do that with the ick medicine. We got super ick from petsmart
  5. I’m not sure what to do! My sharks are covered in this stuff, some people are saying it’s velvet others saying Epistylis. Originally thought it was ick so started putting ick medicine in the tank. Some of the other fish aren’t eating and one of the black sharks we have is constantly swimming in the air bubble part. I don’t know how to treat this as I get products from petsmart.
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