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  1. Thank you so much for letting me know for certain! I truly appreciate it!
  2. The male looks a lot like the bronze ones you posted the pictures of. Thank you so much for your help! I truly appreciate it! For sure!!! What did you use to worm yours? I should probably do it. I have had them almost a year now. She has laid eggs twice already and I'm thinking the 3rd time will happen soon.
  3. She came like that from my LFS. She seems to be just fine though. I believe she is full of eggs again. The other ones aren't as fat as her.
  4. Ok I think I got some better pictures.... the small Cory's are their babies. They hatched on Dec. 3rd so they are just over 5 weeks old.
  5. Yes. I know they don't look just like the adults but they are around 5 weeks old. They have just started to get that bronze color to them. I will try to get better pictures of the parents but they scare very easily so it's difficult. I know the bottom pictures don't look just like the adults. They are around 5 weeks old and they have just started to get that bronze color to them. I will try to get better pictures of the parents but they scare very easily so it's difficult.
  6. Hi, when I bought my corydoras from the store they had them labeled as Green Corydoras. As they have grown they have gotten darker and changed to a more bronzed color. I have pictures (sorry they are not the best quality) of them and their babies. Does anyone know which they are? Green or Bronze Corydoras? I want to sell the babies and want to be sure which they are. Thank you for any help you can give me!
  7. Wow. With CO2 and still didn't do well? Im glad to know that. If the stem I saved doesn't do well I won't be getting another one. I'm thinking of trying a bigger Sword plant instead.
  8. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in this! 😀 I'm definitely going to follow the advice!
  9. Thank you so much for your help! I will try adjusting my lights power and see if that will help. I did save one stem. I have it in a plastic plant pot but maybe I should float it like you suggested. They all came rooted so I thought they would be fine to plant. I'm thinking it might be best to take the advice of @Mmiller2001 and try a different plant! Thanks again!
  10. Thank you! I just hate to buy something and then see it die if I could try something different. Thank you!! I appreciate the help!! I never thought about the light not being bright enough. I saved a stem and wrapped a piece of filter floss around the bottom and put it in a plastic plant pot. I might try turning my lights to a higher power and see how that does.
  11. Sorry about that! I am using 2 Hygger 22W LED Full Spectrum 24/7 24-30 inch lights set to 40%. My aquariums get light from a nearby window as well so I currently have the timers set to turn on at 9:00 am and off at 10:30 am and on again at 5:00 pm until 8:30 pm. I have been adjusting the times and power because I noticed some algae starting. Seems to be keeping it under control so far doing it this way. As I said it gets a lot of light from the window so I dont keep the lights on very long in the morning(it's getting morning sun). Thank you for your help! I truly appreciate it!
  12. Thank you so much for your help! I was able to save 1 stem of the Scarlet Temple. I wrapped the end in filter floss and placed that into an empty plant pot. Hopefully it will make it. I did the same to the last stem of Hygrophila Blue and it started to grow and I have sense planted it and its doing better. I just wasn't sure I was doing something wrong. Thanks again!
  13. Thank you. I appreciate you tagging others as well. I have had several different plants do the same thing.
  14. I have had a few different stem plants that have basically melted in the last several months. I have gotten them in a couple of different places. My latest plant that I ordered was Scarlet Temple and Bocopa Caroliniana (both from Aquarium Co-op) and it has pretty much died. The stems have basically disintegrated after I planted them (and at least 2 other plants have done the same thing. I have other stem plants that are doing great!) So far the plants that have died are Ludwigia Ovalis, Hygrophila Blue, Bocopa and Scarlet Temple. I have Water Sprite that's doing awesome as well as Anacharis (which isn't growing great but is still growing). I dose Easy Green, Easy Iron and Seachem Potassium at least twice a week. I have Anubias, Java ferns, bucephalandra (at least 7 different types) subwassertang, Java and Christmas Moss, Cardinalis, crypts and rosette swords. All of these seem to be doing great! I have 3 planted tanks and all 3 have the same substrate. I have fluval aqua soil topped with sand. And I put root tabs on the very bottom of the tank (in a Grid pattern before adding the soil). I just tested my water and all seems good with it. I have 0 Ammo, 0 Nitrite, 40 Nitrate, PH 7.6, GH 7, KH 4.5, Phosphate 200 and Alkalinity 80. I have attached a couple of pictures of what the stems are doing. I have Guppies, 2 types of Corydoras, Cherry Shrimp, a Nerite Snail, a Mystery Snail and some Ramshorn Snails. Am I doing something wrong?
  15. Thank you! I did see a leopard one when I Googled it. I just wanted to be sure of what they were. I will do some research on them and decide of I want to keep them in my tanks. Of course it might be to late if I don't want them! 😆
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