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  1. I love these stands for how easily customizable they are! Love what you did with yours! If it’s a 29/20G stand I have the dimensions for the wood I used!
  2. That sounds awesome! I was leaning towards particle boards just bc they were black and could match the aesthetic better. I ended up getting these cuts of wood for free so couldn’t pass on it! Debating if I want to paint them black or stain them in the future 😁
  3. Thank you, am loving how they turned out! That’s a cool idea with the curtain rods I may have to try that out!
  4. Finished Product. I may decide on putting a stain at a later date, or even paint it! I’ve got a running theme of black metal with wood grain furniture throughout the house. Raw shelves w/o cube organizers. I got these pieces of wood for free from a local hardware store, they were an old shipment of 12” x 48” shelves that they wanted gone! Not the nicest pieces ever but since one of my cuts were already 12” it worked out perfectly! I decided to run two rip cuts for the top shelf for ease of installation. Here’s the stock Petco 20/29G Stand. The whole reason I originally got this particular stand was how easily customizable it seemed. A rare DIY success for me with these fish keeping builds!
  5. Happy Holidays my friend! Tanks maturing very nicely 👍🏽 Just got in a pair of Apistos for it 😁
  6. Thank you! & that pattern is looking really nice! Very nice tail too!
  7. Hello! 👋 My names Anson and this is my Photo Log! Included will be some of my favorite pictures that I take while breeding and selling Guppies! Thank you for taking a look! - Apistogramma Cacatuoides “Orange Flash” December 20th, 2022 8:38HAST Platium Red-Tail Dumbo Males: November 25th 09:34HAST Platinum Red Tail- Dumbo Females: November 12th, 2022 [10:53HAST] Yellow Tuxedo Guppies: November 7th, 2022 [7:54HAST] Platinum Red-Tail Pairs: October 28th, 2022 [9:34HAST] Yellow Tuxedo Juveniles: November 7th, 2022 [8:12HAST] Platinum Red-Tail Pairs: October 20th, 2022 [7:34HAST]
  8. I currently have 6 outdoor breeder tubs that I’ve been colony raising these strains! Once they have enough adults available I take them inside and put them in 20 longs to take some photos. Here’s some of my favorites!
  9. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed!
  10. They’ve become one of my favorite strains at the moment! Thank you for your kind words!
  11. I was gifted a Broken Trio (2M/1F) back in July from another hobbyist and so stoked to see their progress! - November 2nd, 2022 8:54HAST (3rd Brood) August 17th, 2022 7:12HAST (1st Brood) Here’s a shot of their outdoor breeder tub, lots of fun this summer! The hobbyist I originally got these from had his colony crash so I was so happy to be able to replenish his tubs! October 23rd, 2022 3:15HAST Original Broken Trio: I was quite new to breeding (and still am!) so I mistakenly left the mismatched trio to do their thing. Fortunately my Female was quite boisterous so she was able to hold her own! July 19th, 2022 11:14HAST
  12. Hey all! I got a handful of common Ramshorn snails from another hobbyist back in July. Since then I’ve been having more and more Red foot/ Red Shell Rams pop up and was wondering if they’ll lose their color over time? I’ve been hard culling out any that didn’t meet my coloration standard. Thank you in advance!
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