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  1. Thank you for this feedback. Unfortunately I don't think an autofeeder will work as stated above due to my tank jumpers and the need for me to keep my lid on at all times. nabokovfan87 - You make a VERY good point about the power being turned off. The repairs are for a leak in the ceiling resulting in the ceiling needing to be ripped out in both my bathroom and bedroom and then replaced. My tank will be moved to the farthest corner of my living room so it should experience no risk of contact with the work crew, but that doesn't mean stuff in the air won't make it's way over so a towel is brilliant as well. As far as the airstone idea, does anyone know how long the Aquarium Co-op one will last on battery alone? I think I could convince my apartment management to let me have access very briefly, so I could possibly purchase two and rotate them as needed.
  2. I forgot to mention the light (knew I was forgetting something) - I have a Hyger light on a 8 hour on timer but I can definitely move the tank somewhere to get a touch more light. Actually, the temporary spot I want to put it in is by some blinds that I could open just a smidge. thanks for the input!
  3. Okay, so I just got word from my apartment complex's management team that I need to vacate my apartment for at least a week for repairs. I will be moving my main aquarium to a safe place where the repair crew shouldn't have to be anywhere near it and risk bumping into it and causing a crack. That being said, anyone who has had constructive repairs knows that the estimate the contractors give is never accurate and from the repair plan I'm pretty certain it will be longer than one week. I won't be able to be present at any point of the repairs, so I am worried about my tank getting access to food. I have several tank jumper species (wrestling halfbeaks primarily) so I must keep a lid on at basically all times so I don't think an auto feeder will work. Any other suggestions for what I can do? I'm nervous to try the vacation food blocks but open to feedback on those. Stats: 29gal classic Petco aquarium with Aqueon Versa lid and AquaClear 50 HOB (heater as well) 6 African Dwarf Frogs, 1 male Betta, 3 Wrestling halfbeaks, 7-8 pygmy cory, 8-9 Dwarf Emerald Danios, 12-15 Kuhli loaches Live plants + Snails
  4. Can you clarify, is the sponge filter connected to the solar powered fountain or is it being run off of a separate air pump?
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