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  1. Thank you so much! I will try this plan.
  2. Thank you so much! i started Maracyn yesterday, but unfortunately the glowlight tetra I wrote about yesterday has already died. Another one is now struggling to swim. So far this disease only seems to affect the glowlight tetras for some reason. Is it possible that blue-green cyanobacteria can cause this? I have learned today that what I thought was algae is actually cyanobacteria in my tank. The cyanobacteria is a new development (within the last few weeks).
  3. Hi! Unfortunately the fish I wrote about earlier died that night, even after I treated with antibiotics. However, now I have another glowlight tetra in my main tank that is showing difficulty swimming. Should I treat the whole tank with antibiotics? Thank you!
  4. Thank you so much - this is so helpful!!
  5. My glow light tetra has developed some kind of disease. Water parameters were 0/0/20 and I moved him to quarantine. Video attached. I also saw him spinning and swimming vertically in the main tank (which is what caused me to notice). Any thoughts on what this could be and how to treat? Thank you! I can’t add a video unfortunately
  6. I have two goldfish that I raised from eggs. They are about 3.5 months old now and they are still wild colored/no sign of them turning that classic goldfish color. Is it too late now for them to get goldfish colors? What should I be doing to encourage color change? They have a heater and a light. Thank you!
  7. definitely could be! I guess i will just have to wait a bit more. I will update with pics once they get old enough that I'm sure. Thanks for all the help! 🙂
  8. Yes they have dorsal fins! I agree that they probably aren't ranchus.
  9. Yes fancy goldfish. I think I remember seeing lionheads/ranchus? But I'm not sure. I also shopped at the end of the day so there were probably other goldfish in the tank that already got sold.
  10. Hi everyone! I have surprise goldfish fry. A plant I bought at petco was in the goldfish tank and 2 weeks later I noticed goldfish fry in my tank. There were only 2 fry and they are about 3.5 weeks right now. Does anyone know what kind of goldfish they could be and/or at what age I should expect to get a better idea? Sorry for the bad pics - camera wouldn’t focus!
  11. Thanks all, this is all really helpful! I can no longer see the eggs/bubble nest so I assume they were eaten when I wasn't paying attention. But I now I know for the future! I especially appreciate @CJs Aquatics reminding me that this is about learning 🙂
  12. My honey gouramis bred today! I just got them about a month ago and it wasn't intentional, but I would like to save at least some of the fry. Right now, the eggs are in the corner of a 29 gallon with 3 honey gouramis, cardinal tetras, glowlight tetras, panda cories, and otos (also some shrimp and snails). The male is guarding the eggs very effectively now but I worry that the fry will get eat if they become free swimming before I notice them and/or they will be too small for me to remove from the tank then. Would be it okay if I removed the eggs in the bubble nest to a breeder box or QT tank?
  13. Thanks all for the advice. All other tankmates (glowlight tetras x7, mystery snail, oto x3, panda cory x2) are fine and eating. Just tested and PH was 6.8, temp 77, ammonia 0 and nitrites 0. I will definitely keep an eye on them for red blotch but I'm inclined to think injury now. Is it possible that corys will bully and injure each other? I originally got a school of 6 panda corys and within one night of getting them, 4 of them died because they had something bacterial and I wanted to wait until the morning to start med trio (big mistake). The 2 I have now are the remaining ones from the first batch. Since then I have tried twice on separate occasions to introduce a new cory and build out my school. Within a week, both of them were dead. This one (as you all know) from some kind of disease and the first one was missing half its tail. I noticed my existing two corys ignore the new one and sometimes also push the new one away when it tries to school with them. The two of them are very rambunctious and overall seem pretty happy. At this point, I think I may just let it be the two of them because I just cant seem to keep pandas alive.
  14. Hi everyone, I need help figuring out why this panda cory died. Pics attached. I noticed he had a fungus-y looking growth earlier today, pulled him out for quarantine and treated with ick x. A few hours later he passed. Can anyone help me figure out why and if this is fungus or columnaris (or something else)? Everyone else seems fine but I want to know if I should treat the whole tank. Thank you!
  15. Yes I think I see the white something on the gill but I am not sure it's ich or just the photo or his colors (and it could be stress ich even if it is). If there aren't more white spots by now, it's probably not ich. I did mean ParaCleanse - sorry about that! If you want, you can do a med trio approach too (ParaCleanse, Maracyn, and Ich-X) where you treat for everything at once. That would cover all your bases for ich, bacterial fin rot, and parasites and it's the standard Aquarium Co-Op quarantine method too. But medication can be hard on your fish and medication will not fix stress-caused illness. I think you can treat either the hospital tank or the main tank because ParaCleanse (as well as the med trio) is safe for plants, snails, etc. ParaCleanse will not stain your silicone but Ich-X might, so I would be careful of that. Since you have an otocinclus in there as well, it may be worthwhile to treat the other fish while you're treating already. Otos are wild caught so they often carry diseases like gill flukes. Gill flukes are also very contagious. Re: stress, it is possible that moving your betta to a new environment like a hospital tank will stress him out, but it's also possible that moving him away from whatever is stressing him out in the main tank is going to help him get better (esp if his tankmates are the reason for his stress). Personally, I am a bit cautious about medication (esp antibiotics) and I don't think his fin rot is that bad yet (i.e., not close to invading the body). So I would probably treat the entire main tank with two rounds of ParaCleanse (assuming your main tank isn't very large and it wouldn't cost too much to treat) a few weeks apart and do a wait and see approach on the fins. If his fins REALLY start getting worse at any point, I would put him in a hospital tank immediately and start treating with Maracyn or salt immediately. It has been my personal experience that betta fin rot responds really well to salt treatment, but salt is no good for plants and snails. But you know your fish the best and I also think pulling him out to a hospital tank now would be a reasonable approach too! In any event, I would definitely also test your main and hospital tank water very often for the near future to see if there is anything going on. I noticed my tank when I first started would go through pH swings throughout the day because it was not as fully cycled as I thought and those pH swings caused my betta to get fin rot. Also I should mention that in general bettas prefer temps slightly higher at ~78, although I highly doubt that your temp being 75 degrees is the main reason for everything that is happening as long as that 75 degree temp is stable. Good luck! 🙂
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