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  1. Heater yellow light comes on, red light flashes, number flashes then all lights turn off, then cycle starts again
  2. I have 2 30 gallons. one is a livebearer tank, Mollies and Platys with some Corydoras. The other is a heavier planted tank with Mystery Snails, Shrimp and Guppies. I think another one would be Honey or Dwarf Gourami. Or even a school of Danios, or Rasboras. I have a 40 with Kuhli Loaches in it. They would do fine in a 30 I think.
  3. Have to agree with the livebearers. I have Corydoras in a tank with Mollies and Platys and they do great together.
  4. They do in fact not have a operculum. at least not one I can see. My 30 gallon is primarily used for plants so honestly an "infestation" of bladder snails doesnt really bother me given my research on them. and if they ever get too out of hand I have a 40 gallon Loach only tank that could use some protein.
  5. Looking it up, they do look like bladder snail eggs. I have Mystery Snails and had what I thought was baby Mystery snails in the tank. I currently have 5 adult Mystery snails and what I believe to be 6 baby Mystery snails. looking at photos its hard to tell the difference between a baby Mystery and Bladder snail. Could have been a coincidence. Don't know where they would have come from. the only plants I have are a Anubius Nana and a Water Lilly that both have been established in the aquarium for months before these appeared
  6. Sorry for the rough photos. Have a 29 gallon with guppies, mystery snails and Ghost shrimp. These little things started popping up all over the tank. My initial thought was ghost shrimp eggs but they don’t match the pictures I have seen. Any ideas?
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