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  1. I don't but I'll keep duckweed in mind for the future! Thanks
  2. Thank You Zak. I appreciate the help.
  3. Can anyone tell me how to prepare lettuce to feed to my 2 Black Moors? I've read to just put it in tank using a clip, which I have. I've read to put it in hot water for several minutes or just run it under hot water. Not sure how to proceed at this point. Any help would truly be appreciated. Thanking you all in advance. Anna Marie
  4. I just happen to have 2 pair of clean, unused pantyhose in my drawer. I think I'll give them a try first. Thank you!
  5. I bought 3 of these. It was cheaper. I planned on just filling them myself to save money. But not sure what I'll do now. I will definitely look at the Alegi bags.
  6. I have the Seachem Tidal 55 filter in my 30-gallon tank. I have Purigen and Matrix Carbon in two of Seachem’s “The Bag”, each in its own bag. Well, I want to replace “The Bag” with something different. “The Bag” is too big and the material it’s made of is too stiff for my liking. I can’t get it to fit in the filter basket the right way. You close it with a zip tie which adds to the bulkiness. I just don’t like it. Can anyone recommend a fine Mesh 180 Micron Filter Media Bag to replace it with?
  7. I have a 30-gallon. I've been told different things as to how many fancies I can have. I've been told 2 and/or 3. Either way I know I have to be diligent in cleaning. It's great to be in a place where I can ask questions. Thank you all for your welcome!
  8. Glad to be here. I've been interested in goldfish for years now. I'm starting up a new aquarium next week after a long absence. I'm glad to find a group to answer all things Aquarium.
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