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  1. And regarding cutting, I don't have a table saw, but I've used hand saws, a bandsaw, and a circular saw for mine. All cut through very nicely!
  2. Clear packing tape makes a perfect hinge for these lids. It sticks REALLY well, and it's nearly invisible. No need for fancy hinges!
  3. I found it doesn't seem to block much light at all, but I don't have a PAR meter. 🙂
  4. I never feed my BBS live. I always freeze them immediately using the below silicone ice cube tray, and do 2 more batches over the next couple days. It makes tiny cubes! My fish all love them just the same. Then, I'm set for several weeks of feeding! Back in the day when I was keeping them alive, I mixed fresh saltwater, rinsed and water-changed them, and kept them in a shallow tupperware (covered, with a hole in the lid) in the fridge. They stayed alive for about a week.
  5. Ah, thanks. I have a couple canopies that I made, that I'm not happy with the workmanship. I will have to try yours, but without the dado work (I have no table saw). I think I can do the side supports differently. Really nice work, thanks for the inspiration!
  6. Did you have to cut holes or notches out of the back for cables and things that hang off the back?
  7. For my shell dwellers, I have had good luck with fish that prefer to occupy the upper strata: - Hatchetfish - Killies I have also had very good luck with rummy-nose tetras, because they move so much and are tight schoolers, the shell dwellers don't seem to get into conflicts with them much. Rummies look really good in this type of tank, too. Guests loved their activity. I recall @Cory mentioning in livestreams a few times that Cyprichromis worked as a top-dweller for shell-dwellers in his experience. Bill
  8. If you're referring to the fittings that go on the canisters, yes, they've worked quite well for me so far.
  9. Oh, right. If there's water in the bucket you may create an air pocket. Which could bubble back up when it tries to start up again.
  10. Very nicely laid out! Question: What's the purpose of a check valve in the bucket? You're not expecting a vertical backflow there, are you?
  11. I like it. I've done full-gown Congo tetras with blue rams fairly successfully. They stay in their respective strata very nicely. I just keep the temperature a little higher than the tetras prefer (82-83), in order to keep the rams happy. The tetras can handle it. I also found that when fed on an auto-feeder, the Congo tetras grow into adult size very, very quickly, so I suggest saving some money and buying them small! In a 75, starting small, I'd probably go with about a dozen. For the lower-strata cichlids to get enough food, you will possibly want to feed pretty heavily, so extra filtration is a good idea. Keep us posted!
  12. In my opinion, you can house a small number (maybe 3-4) in a 5 gallon tank, but they will outgrow it quickly once they start breeding. I use a 20-Long and a 10-gallon for mine, plus a 5-gallon bare-bottom grow-out tank just for fry, but once they've settled in to shells, they don't really go places. IMO, shell-dwellers are not a 1-tank proposition. 🙂
  13. As an add-on to this question, is there a good predatory fish to add to a multi tank that will help keep population under control? The parents are such fierce defenders that I'm not sure. Thanks!
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