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  1. Rhabdocoela Flatworms was my second guess as well! I'm really hoping it's that and NOT Planaria. Thank you for your input!
  2. Spotted these worms in my shrimp / pygmy cory/ rasbora tank today. Are they planaria or something else? I can't really identify the arrow-shaped head but this is as close as I could get with my phone.
  3. That's alright, I probably should've clarified in the first post, but thank you so much for keeping the thread up!
  4. Thanks a lot for your reply! I'm mostly looking to ID the one in the middle as I have absolutely no clue what kind of snail that is lol!
  5. Hello, I recently noticed this snail in my betta tank, I'm guessing it's a hitchhiker but what kind of snail is this? I'm looking to ID the big one in the middle specifically. I have ramshorns, bladdernsails and assassin snails in this tank. Thanks in advance!
  6. Right, so weird because we did the same drip acclimation as we do every time.. Hope the others pull through.
  7. Well we had one or two more die on us today / yesterday.. but all from the same "batch" which we added on the 6th.. others are completely fine.
  8. We hard boiled some eggs, took the shells, cleaned them completely, let them dry and then ground them up I think.
  9. I have some dried spinach but they don't seem to be interested in it at all.. I'll look into the junkie bites, thank you.
  10. Hi, thanks for your response! I recently started adding ground up eggshells to the tank. Is that ok? Oh yeah biofilm plenty, they can eat right away. Might be hard to fast since there's a lot or natural food for them in there but I'll give it a go!
  11. Oh yeah, they get bacter AE, zucchini, shrimp king complete and snowpops and they also eat from the pleco and cory wafers. Frozen blood worms as well. Honestly I'm thinking it's just this specific group, the ones we added before these ones are doing fine.. I'm not sure what went wrong with them though.. Measured nitrites and ammonia and both was at 0 ppm today, nitrate was 2 ppm. All of our shrimp don't really come when we put food in though, but I'm assuming that's because they have plenty all around already? Anyways, I'm completely lost on what's going on.
  12. No problem at all! I'll try my best to keep nitrites and ammonia at 0, I measured again today after another shrimp death from the same batch and nitrite is at 0 now. Also got some lava rock as well!
  13. There's no rocks in there, there's some driftwood and cholla wood though.
  14. Thanks! We have 2 sponge filters which provide plenty of aeration, no issues there or with the filters themselves. Mulm and such is at an okay level, nothing special. A while ago some people on this forum told me I had to change the water once nitrite or ammonia reached 0,2 ppm or nitrate 40 ppm. Shrimp are also behaving normally, some huddle together in a corner and others are out foraging. No issues with the rasboras or corys either.
  15. Hmm perhaps that could be it. I think I added them with the corys on the 6th of July, I thought they would be settled by now but I guess I thought wrong.
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