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  1. I have thought about that. I have some in my low tech shallow office tank. It grows so super slow, even with CO2 that carpeting isn't easy to do. I suppose I could just buy several cups and see how that goes.
  2. Dwarf hair grass also has pretty shallow roots and is prone to hair algae. I may try it anyway as its the closest to the UG. Helanthium tenellum 'Green' might be what I'm looking for though. Thanks!
  3. I recently setup a new 60g cube with a sump. It's been planted for about 2 weeks today and almost all the carpeting utroculria graminifolia has broken up and floated. I have some marsilia hirsuta planted in the mid and foregrounds as well and that seems to be doing okay so far. The background crypts haven't melted so I'm stoked for that. So I'm looking to add something that will carpet. Something that resembles grass. I already have a carpeted tank with dwarg sag so I'd like something different. Temps are around 77 and I am doing CO2 inside the tank, but planning on moving it inline at some point soon. Lighting is a Fluval 3.0 that will be swapped out for a AI Prime pendent light by mid-summer when I get my office bonus. I'm dosing Easy Green and additional Potassium. Substate is reused Fluval Statum. Fish are a healthy mix of rummy nose, xray and red eye tetra.
  4. My gh and kh are somewhere around 9 or 10 on a liquid test kit... not good, but not bad as I understand it.
  5. I've had these Rams with the Red Eyes for a year now with no issues. My tap water pH is 8.2, but the CO2 and stone bring that down a little.
  6. I'm told they do better in warmer water. Dean breeds these at 86. My LFS will let you know if something you want comes in, but they don't order it for you. The last time I tried I wanted Habrosus Cories and they ordered Pygmaeus. Similar, but not the same. I wish that store was a better experience. So instead I drive 2 to 2.5 hours (one way) to support a couple stores that are really good. I just don't get to do so frequently.
  7. I was seriously thinking about it. They are really hard to find up here. I had to drive 2 and a half hours one way to get this pair.
  8. I cleaned out the store at the time. If I run across others locally I fully intend to grab them. If not I’ll find a place to order more in the spring.
  9. I've just put together a new 75g aquarium and I'm hoping I can put fish in by this next weekend. I want to move some fish around from other aquariums but I need reassurance I'm doing this correctly and the fish will be good. I have the new 75g heater set at 82F. I primarily want to move a pair of German Blue Rams and a dozen Red Eyed Tetra over. That should be fine as they are currently in the same tank. In another tank I have 6 X-Ray Tetra and 8 Rummy Nose Tetra I'd like to move in as well. Will that be okay with the higher water temp? How about another 5 Ember Tetra? Thanks!
  10. That's all that really matters isn't it? Everything else is just window dressing... I'm more of an aquascaper than a fish keeper, but there are so many fish - so little room for new tanks.
  11. Good to know, though I'd personally call that overstocked. I could take them back except no has chilis. Even Flip Aquatics is sold out. I have plenty of space for them in other tanks if I do end up taking them out of the nano tank.
  12. It no longer applies since I've found I was sold ember tetra and not chilis. Once they grow I'll already be overstocked. LOL! Thanks though! 🙂
  13. Thanks everyone for your input! Turns out the fish are not chilis. They are ember tetra so I'll have to pull them out soon. I'm in no hurry because I'm sure I'll have to pull the tank apart to catch them all. I added a trio of endler live bearers over this weekend.
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