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  1. Ok thank you I will see if I can make room in my fish room. And I will continue the maracyn2. Once I isolate him should I also treat the existing tank he's in or no?
  2. Ph:7.2 Nitrate:25 Hardness:150 Buffer:80 Ammonia:0 Hello fellow fish nerms, I notice today one of my galaxy Rasboras have some red bump on his body. I have never seen anything like this before. I am guessing it's cancer or bacteria infection. I already put marcyen in the tank. If any knows what this could be and how they treat that would be great to know. Thank you
  3. Thank you it took a while for them to grow but once did they did. They never stop growing
  4. The flag fish are quit a specktical.as for filtration on the 40 gallon aquarium I have an canister filter fluval 207. Would that be enough? I also have alot of vallanseria.
  5. Hello aquarium co op forum. I have an 40 gallon aquarium tank that's been running for 4 years. In the beginning of tank I had black beard algae and I still have some remnants left to this day. I was thinking about putting in some flag fish or ammona shrimp I have 5 otos and 7 juli Cory's, 11 beckford pencilfish, 1 Bolivian ram. Which one would be better at eating the alage and that won't over crowd my tank. Thank you ufor any responses.
  6. Awesome thank you so much for the response and I will do more research on getting one.
  7. No i haven't but I have tried drawf sag and thats works like a carm with low light setup.
  8. Currently I have an fluval 3.0 light on it but I use two lights on it. However fluval 3.0 is bright enough for both lights I had on it so I just have that one on it. For the Substrate use a mixture of fluval aquarium soil and eco complete. For fertilizer I use the best fertilizer wich is easy green. And easy iron.
  9. So my PH is 6.5 and kh is 0 Thank so much for the very nice comments you guys I really appreciate it. I have very soft water lol but my puffer tank has aragonite sand and coral rocks in filtration
  10. Awesome that's great to hear I might look into get a Bolivian ram. I also that way harder the German blue rams because they need hotter temperature water. Which I have the 40B on 76 degrees so that sound like a fantastic idea thank you so much. My 90 gallon the I am currently cycling right I am thinking of doing an red shoulder severum and a school of bosmani rainbow fish and some geophagus tapajos red and a blue phantom pleco. If you have another stocking ideas that would as personal as a severum would I would love to hear it.
  11. Thank you so much and I never thought about them and do you think if I keep one in there it wouldn't be over stocking because if so, I was thinking about getting a new center pice fish for that thank. I had a female pearl gourami that I got from a breeding that live for a little over 5 years. I have 11 to 12 beckford pencilfish and 7 juili corydoras and 5 octos.
  12. I also wouldn't mind to take any feedback for my tanks and I am excited to be part of this community of fellow aquarium keepers.😊
  13. Hello afishnado I love all your tanks and I have breed some apistogramma cacatuoides double red in the past but I will have to try maybe breeder so rainbow fish in the future. I am also think about getting some bosmani rainbow fish for my 90 gallon once it's done cycling.
  14. The first picture is a 5 gallon I remodel and has 2 sparkling gourami and ramshorn snails. I breed the ramshorn snails to feed to my figure 8 puffer Kirby which is in the second picture. He or she is in 32 gallon fluval flex which is been set up for 8 to 9 months. The last picture is my 29 gallon community aquarium with 4 harlequin rasbora and 2 peckcock gudgeon and group of ramshorn snails. I am going to get some more harlequin rasbora in the next couple days because it's too small of school. I am thin like 3 or 4 More of the harlequin rasbora would be great and probably more peacock gudgeon as well If find any near me lol.
  15. Hello my name is Michael and I have been for close to four years and started using aquarium co op products since I first started having planted aquariums. I have never had a bad product and plant from aquarium and love all the products the co op team make. I have 6 tanks currently in my room. 5 them are fresh water and one of them is brakish. This is my first planted tank I started out and has grown over the 3 + years I have it. I am currently cycling an 90 gallon as we speak too. The 40 gallon breeder has 11 to 12 beckford pencilfish and 7 juili corydoras and 5 octos. And has fluval 207 canister filter running it. Here also my other tanks.
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