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  1. Transfer complete and now I can sleep again 😂
  2. No, I wasn't planning on using that tank again, but rather thinking of proactively putting a stronger brace on the new tank, just in case something like this happens again....
  3. Update - I went back to the aquarium store where I bought the tank a year ago and showed them the issue and they gave me a new tank as a replacement. Looks like my weekend will now be spent swapping tanks, which isn't my favorite thing, but better than a flood!! Thanks for all the advice. I checked my corner to corner level and it is fine too so not sure if this was maybe a defective tank? If I wanted to upgrade the brace on this one to glass, how do I do that? Just attach it to either side with clear silicone?
  4. Entirely level. I built it myself out of solid 2x4s. It’s a beast.
  5. My support brace appears to be splitting and breaking apart. Any ideas why this is happening or what I should do about it??
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