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  1. I have two clown plecos in my 40GB and they love Maylasian driftwood. I keep it front and center and they're always on it. It's relatively inexpensive and the 6-8" piece I have has been in there for 2 years
  2. Thanks. Labor of love. To comment on your previous post, they were definitely after the algae after I used a credit card to scrape the glass
  3. Finally got the hair algae under control. There's still a tiny bit attached to my Vals, but it doesn't seem to be growing anymore. Most of the shrimp are hiding because i just did a WC. Just noticed a fresh batch of shrimplettes today as well, thinking my count is up to about 40 or so shrimp🤠👍
  4. Your tank is nicely established and with the added Bacter AE, they're definitely eating. I use Xtreme Shrimpee sticks too. It seems only the adult females prefer them. I did a headcount yesterday and visibly noticed 17 shrimplettes and one of the mama's is still berried. There are probably more, as I have too many nooks and crannies to get an accurate count.
  5. Light has been reduced from 100% output, down to 50% output . I've also cut the time from 8 hours, down to 6. It's seem to slow the growth quite a bit and I've been trying to do some manual removal every 2 or 3 days. It's getting better, but still an eye sore. I'll be doing a 25% WC this weekend and will need to clean the sponge filter, as it's completely covered and probably affecting the filtration. I read that more water flow can greatly reduce the growth of hair algae as well and that Neos come from highly oxygenated streams with lots of flow. Thinking about adding a small powerhead or some other option to increase oxygen and flow. Any tips/suggestions? Thanks for the good conversation everyone
  6. Very nice bro! Looking great! I'll have to find some online I guess...The Co-op hasn't had any for a minute.
  7. Glad to see you finally have some shrimp and they're acclimating nicely. You might have shrimplettes much sooner than you anticipate. I had four females berried in less than 3 weeks after getting mine. I think it depends on the environment and I think you've done a good job with yours. I need to get me some hornwort for my Neo tank, who'd you source that from?
  8. I've had this tank going since November and recently started adding Bacter AE. Only 1/8 of a scoop per week for the last month and this is when I noticed the rapid growth of the hair algae. Anyone have experience with this or maybe it's coincidental?
  9. Yeah for sure. I did manage to remove some manually today with aquascape tongs and used your suggested method of using a small container. I did catch a few and used a turkey baster to put them back in the tank. I found this easier than a net. I lowered the intensity of the light by half and also switched to a white light setting, whereas before it was on High and full spectrum
  10. Howdy all. I've been reading some old threads here and watched some YouTube videos on how to get rid of hair algae. My issue is, I have about 30-40 shrimplettes in varying sizes, between a couple days old and a couple weeks old. I'm trying to remove the hair algae manually, but the little ones are all over everything and hard to see. I am looking for a solution that will have minimal impact on my shrimp colony. I'm wondering if a blackout is the best solution? Any tips or ideas would be appreciated
  11. @Fish Folk Not sure if you're aware, but there's a White-winged Tern being reported in Delaware. I saw it on my eBird ABA rare bird alerts email. This is a rare sighting in the States and would be a neat and possibly once in a lifetime opportunity for your son to photograph. Let me know if you need anymore info. Happy birding, Bradley
  12. How often are you dosing with this amount? I also have a 10 gal with 10 bloody mary neos with hopefully more on the way. I have 3 berried females that are all 2-3 weeks along
  13. How long until you get some shrimp TeeJay?
  14. Take him sometime. It's magical in the fall, but can also be quite good during spring migration. If you go in the spring, try to time it with the full moon and Red Knot migration/Atlantic Horseshoe Crab egg laying. It's quite the spectacle! If you go in the fall, anytime is great birding, depending on what species you're targeting. First 2-3 weeks in October is gangbusters for hawk migration, plus a good all around time for passerines and monarch butterfly migration as well. Make sure to check out CMBO (Cape May Bird Observatory) and their schedule. Your son may be able to go on a photography walk with some of the greats, like Kevin Karlson or Scott Whittle. I sure do miss the place and haven't been in about 8 years.
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