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  1. @Odd Duck no worries! Glad to hear you’re better.
  2. @nabokovfan87 thanks 🙏🏻
  3. @nabokovfan87 after the 24 hours with lavamisole and doing 50% water change, when treating with para cleanse do you add the second dose of para cleanse on the third day or just one dose
  4. @Odd Duck after dosing with levamisole and water change 24 hrs after do you use prazipro or para cleanse? If it’s para- cleanse do you dose the second time in the middle of the treatment like instructions say
  5. @Mmiller2001 no water softener
  6. @Galabarjust ordered a new test kit
  7. @Pepere yes I’ve always had hard water but it was around 7.6 @nabokovfan87 I have sand as substrate but I did order a new api gh kh test kit
  8. @Shadow my ph is at 8 I’m testing my aquarium water because I’ve been seeing my fish flash for quite some time. I’ve done treatments with prazi pro, flubendazole, para cleanse and salt with no success. Staring to think it’s the high ph, kh. Seems like there was a change to my city water because I don’t remember it being that high
  9. I tested my tank with the API gh kh test. The kh changed color at 13 drops but the gh never changed from yellow to green. I did more than 40 drops does anyone know what this mean?
  10. I want to treat my tank with salt for parasites but I do have Corydoras in it. I’ve tried a few meds and can’t seem to get them to stop flashing. Any advice on how much salt to use ?
  11. @nabokovfan87 I’ve been adding Indian almond leaves and more Malaysian driftwood to get the ph a little lower
  12. @Odd Duck I suspected flukes just because of the constant flashing. They were scratching themselves near the gills on the sand and on plants. They seem better now and hoping flubendazole wipes out whatever was making itch.
  13. @Chick-In-Of-TheSea yeah, checked ammonia too and it’s at 0ppm
  14. @nabokovfan87 ph 7.6-8 kh 80ppm gh is pretty high 300ppm Nitrite 0 nitrate 0 temp 76 tanks been running for about a year
  15. @nabokovfan87 thanks for replying! I first suspected flukes because some of my corys started flashing then some of my tetras started doing it so that’s when I noticed it was spreading and started meditating. I started with para cleanse, following dosing instructions two treatments one week apart. I didn’t see much improvement and followed with 3 rounds of prazi pro back to back. It seemed to help a little but fish were still flashing. I then let them rest for a month and was still seeing flashing so I tried a one week soak of ich x with little improvement. Finally used fukasol and have seen a dramatic improvement. All the fish in the tank seem fine and eating well but I did noticed those spots on the ram that I had never seen.
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