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  1. Poor little fishy, I have a Pink Dumbo and have forver been trying to treat popeye on his left eye, but nothin works. Mine seems very healthy otherwise.
  2. Wow, that brought some old memories. I used to have a 5 gallon with slate bottom when I was a kid. It was my first tank.
  3. Hello everybody, I hope you are doing well. I just noticed my greeting sort of sounded like Cory, at least in my mind when I read it back. He's gonna slap me in the back of the head, lol. So my question is, what is it about this plant, I am keeping a large variety of plants easy to medium level as I do not use C02. I have struggled with some only to make them hard core back in my aquariums. This little beautiful plant Scarlet Temple, is not liking something I'm doing, I have tried more light, less light, fertilizer tabs, easy green, and my water parameters are very good on all my established tanks. I have purchased 12 of these fellas and they all melted on me. I bought some from co-op, from amazon, from petco, petsmart, whatever. They melt on me within a week. Any tips are so much appreciated, I love this plant, but the only thing I can figure is that I need CO2. If that's the case I will have to search something new as I don't desire to use CO2, not because it may seem tricky or more money to spend but because, I want to be able to have almost all natural set ups in my tanks. So, what say you, thanks in advance.
  4. I love your tank its beautiful. Look at those long stem plants, I really love those plants. When they get real tall don't trim them, Place a small weight some where in the middle. The top will once again rise and the part that lays down sprouts more stems. Great job!
  5. Thanks its actually 2 pieces super glued and wraped with 8" long moldeable moss roap from Petco. I really like that moss.
  6. That's a beautiful fish you got there.
  7. Hi Cory, So I'm loving this heater, and at first I did not think it was going to be good enough for my 40 gallon tank, but I was wrong and its working well as intended. My question is on the suction cups, any thoughts on upgrading those in the future? I find that they don't hold well enough and often come loose and I got a floating heater?
  8. This is my new 40 gallon I set up 2 months ago. Algae is doing its thing so, its still work in progress I'm going to add more plants and adjust lighting. I post back soon. Let me know what you think.
  9. Hello everyone, I am so exited to ask this question! Setting up a 120 gallon tank it is. My wife and the kids are on vacation till August 17th, so I'm doing something that my wife would probably disapprove. I'm buying a 120 gallon tank with a 40 to 60 gallon sump. Now before I got married I had a 75 gallon tank and I had 2 red Oscars, 1 gorgeous Pletco and 1 Blood parrot Cichlid. I used to clean than tank top to bottom every month, I had 40 gallon plastic containers and I used to pull fish out and tear tank up till it was sparkling clean. Basically I would restart water cycle every month, the noob that I was. I struggled with cloudy water I never realized what stress I gave those fish and myself once a month. The Oscars were 13 inches long, the pletco was 22, and the blood parrot was 9 inches it was a big boy and he was the bully lol. I had them for like 7 years till I gave the tank and everything away, that was 15 years ago. So now, I want to do something everyone will say not to, don't add plants to a new Oscar tank. I have come to love plants and what value of health they bring to a tank. Some are a pain to maintain but the service they provide to a tank is unquestionable. So, I need ideas on how to keep a decent amount of plants that my Oscars are not going to uproot and tear up. I will have 3 Oscars 1 Pletco, and maybe 3 blood parrots. Clock is ticking I have 6 weeks till my wife and the kids get back, I have to have the fish in there by then, so that my 4 year old will say I love them they are staying, lol. Once my little girl names a fish they become part of the family.
  10. I just mixed a big jar like that today cause my fish go nuts with. Awesome idea @sumplkrum.
  11. So, I have not had a chance to scroll thru all these great threads and I hope I'm not asking for something that is already there. So my question is simple. How to set up a quarantine tank, say a 20 gallon. I'm thinking bare bottom with sponge air filter, heater to warm up, and a combo of meds. How easy it it to cycle a clear tank with nothing? I never tried one, but I'm getting ready to have one as I hate treating a whole tank if its not necessary. I would love advice on how to go about it. I have seen lots of videos that show quarantine tanks but never how to do from scratch and maintain for when you need. I thank everyone in advance for great advice. BTW, I'm really loving this forum, all the peeps here are friendly, polite, and the combined experience of 8k+ members. I'll be darn if I don't learn something everyday. Thanks
  12. The tall pant in the back is my favorite. I bought a bag of mixed betta bulb plants at Petco and only that one grew. The other plant you refered to is Brzilian penny wort I believe. I bouvht in coop's site. That plant I almost killed it and strughled with it until I let it float and root well. Then I replanted and it blossomed well. It kepps grwing like cazy now. Finally I got some stems plants in the center. I used to cut as they grow tall. But now I been taking a small weight to bting the plant down. Now they keep growing from the top, but also sprought new stems from the part that is laying down. Im loving the look of it.. Sorry for spellin don't have my glasses on.
  13. I would but tank is only 10 gallons and I do have lots of plants in there. Believe it or not I have to trim them every 3 weeks. I have s new 40 Gallon I set up 2 months ago with Angels and Corys Im gonna try that there. Ill put pics up when I get a chance.
  14. You know, in my struggles with plants. I hated algea and moss. I would nuke it the minute I saw it. After many failures I let nature do its course I allowed green hair algie, black beard, green moss and even brown algie to do its thing. I fetilized my plants well with tablets and easy green. Gave them 8.5 hours of light. Overtime the plants won, the algea receeded and I have had success. Keep trying and dont give up. The feeling of sitting in front of you tank and seeing you plants bloom is imazing.
  15. I set this tank up 6 months ago and its doing quite well. Plants are growing crazy. I have a pink dumbo betta and he's very happy. I have 3 corrys and many snails. I once had shrimp and they had died off so I believed. I cleaned last Sunday and found one thought to be long gone. Im placing some pics I'de love comments and ideas.
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