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  1. I will have to look and see how I can work that in my apartment I will look at getting a lucky bamboo. Also I didn't think about using the water from the main tank for the water change.
  2. Yea, the water from the tap is 1.0ppm. Which i'm sure is playing a part of the problem but I'm still confused on how to get past it. My main tank doesn't have this problem but I'm sure thats because the gravel and filter media is helping with that.
  3. Good Evening! So I have been having an ammonia problem with my quarantine tank. It keeps reading 1.0 - 2.0ppm. I have done a number of water changes even done a 50% water change and it doesn't seem to be helping. I put some bio-rings and an old sponge from my main tank setup. I have some guppies and otos in the quarantine tank. The nitrite and nitrates seem be no longer be present. I'm kinda at a lost right now.
  4. Update on the ich guppy -- looks a lot better after about 15 hours. Will do another water change tonight and add more meds.
  5. Definitely just rewatched this video. Glad that I don't have any substrate in the quarantine tank and hopefully I can get the ich cleared up in the next few days. Thank you for pointing that out! I there is a wound near the tail of the guppy, still thinking its because of a fight lol
  6. So I should have let the fish sit in the tank for a few days before starting the quarantine medication treatment? So also for clarification, I should start the process over but only treat for ich then wait? So here is another shot of Ms. Funky Fin - When I first got her and put her in the think this was not here. It look like a regular fin that would moving properly. I think she may have got into it with another fish. Here is the fish that I believe has ich.
  7. So I have my tank set up and I followed the recommendation that were shared on the sight. I'm on day 3 of the quarantine and now one of my guppies appear to be getting white spots on his fins. Should I add medication or wait until Sunday which will a full week. Also I have a fish with a weird looking fin and not sure what it is (sharing a picture)...please help.
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