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  1. My deepest condolences for your loss. This is the best place to recieve information and support. Keep in touch and let us know how you're doing with tank maintenance and if there are any other things you need.
  2. Oooo! so cute. I'm jealous. I was looking for one of those when I started my first tank last year but couldn't find one. I have two rubber-lip plecos. I don't have any expertise but I'm pretty sure someone here can help. Best Luck.
  3. @Chick-In-Of-TheSea He is pink with red streaks. It was the red dots that looked like the color of fresh blood that worried me. Thanks @Colu, start low then bring out the big guns. Got it.
  4. Thanks for all the helpful responses. I'll definitely trim the roots. I was planning on starting Maracyn (erithromycin) to prevent bacterial infection but maybe better to start the fin rot treatment first.
  5. I'm happy to find this topic! I have a young betta, his body was about an inch long when I bought him three months or so ago. He's active and responds to my presence. I found these red spots on his tail fin this morning that weren't there yesterday. Do I have too much going on in the tank with him? I had to be away for 6 weeks for medical reasons and a friend was feeding and water changing for me (she's fabulous) because Mr. Pink's tank and another are at work. I mention this because his tail was very smooth when I was able to return to lab and now it's ragged and even worse now he looks like he's injured. He was not very active while I was away. Should I take out some of the plants, the stone? He's so personable, I want him to be healthy and happy.
  6. Such a beautiful tank, as befits a beautiful Ping! Great name too! This is a terrific place to get information and kind help/advice from knowledgeable people. Welcome @nic.
  7. Hi @Flipper, MTS is Multiple Tank Syndrome or I can't stop adding more tanks because I'm hooked! We're a bunch of nerds so we like to make up acronyms for things.
  8. Hi @Randall H! MTS is highly contagious. But you already know that. I can't get enough. Sometimes I watch Irene on Girl Talks Fish to listen to her talk about her strict limit of three tanks just to try and absorb some steadiness! 😉 This is a wonderful hobby not least because there are such great people in it. Welcome and well met!
  9. Welcome @PaulinesAquariums I'm curious about your sets. Assuming you were breeding what did you do with all your babies?
  10. Hi! I guess having lots of babies is on the good side of trouble, but if you're like me the goal is beauty and serenity not Friday Night Fights. What? I'm old.😉 I have three 10 gallon and two 20 gallon long tanks set up. My 29 gallon is waiting for my fish club auction. I share @xXInkedPhoenixX desire and would love photos!
  11. Wos! Beautiful fish in a beautiful tank. I admire the design. If I'm honest I'm a little jealous!! 😉 I'm the same, I started in May last year and in a few months I had 4. It's a great hobby and really fun to share. Welcome to the fish nerds!
  12. Welcome! Your scape is beautiful. I think Emerald dwarf rasboras would be a good addition.
  13. Way to jump in!!! Good looking tank, can't wait to see more. Welcome.
  14. Cool that your tank has a theme. I really like how you've set it up, and your boy is really gorgeous, I've not seen a betta that red before. I look forward to hearing more of your great sense of humor!
  15. I just installed a Three watt AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine Clip-On UV System. Has anyone used this particular one? There's no on/off indicator light that I can find. I guess I could wait for a couple of weeks to see if the water clears up but I'd like to be assured that it is actually working. I have sent this question to the manufacturer but I'm hoping to get a faster answer here. If no one knows I'll post the AA (manufacturer) response. Thanks for reading.
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