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  1. Unfortunately my pleco passed away this evening, thank you all for your information, feeling pretty bummed about my guy
  2. Okay I’ll try it out and let you all know. Thanks!
  3. @Coluso I panicked and I treated the tank with paracleanse and maramycin; I’ve never used kanaplex how would I use it? Do I just add it to the water column? @nabokovfan87its at 76 degrees he basically has the tank to himself except for some ramshorn; so I can treat the tank
  4. My pleco jumped out his tank about two days ago, I was working on another tank nearby and the lights came on I’m assuming that tattled him and led to his jump, if that’s correct he was out of the water for about ~40 minutes, he was extremely dry when I found him but when I grabbed him he flinched so I dropped him back in the water and slowly he started moving around and it seemed like he might make a recovery however yesterday i realized his eyes look sunken into his eye sockets but comparing it to an old photo I think his head might be swollen and today he looked extremely pale, and red/scarred. I’ve seen some snails Get on him and he’s very lethargic and would not fight or move away to the point I was able to pick it up with my hand and separate him into this small breeder box. I’m not sure if there’s an infection or disease or could it be so to him being out of the water for so long; he are a few more pictures. Is there anything I can do? It’s tanks parameters are: Nitrate 10pm Nitrite 0 ppm Hardness: hard ~150-300 Buffer: medium ~80-120 Ph 7.2 Chlorine 0 ppm Ammonia 0 ppm
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