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  1. I tested my tap water for GH and KH. My KH which is 4 and my GH is 6. Is my water ok for fish or is it too soft? I would love to keep some platies, some tetras, dwarf clawed frogs and some kuli loaches. Will I need to harden my water for these species?
  2. I have not kept a fish tank in about 20 years and it seems like things have changed a lot. I have tested my tap water and the ph is around 6.6 6.8. I want to set up a planted 30 gallon long. Now will the ph change when I add plants? Do I have to wait until the fish tank is cycled before I add plants or can I just add the plants first then cycle the tank?
  3. I am new to the forum. Just wanted to say hello and that I may have a lot of questions. I am going to start a new tank soon about 30 gallons long. Hope to get help with this planted tank. Charlie
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