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  1. I dosed quarantine trio last night in my main tank per every 10gal requirements. The water was blue tinted. Woke up this morning and my water is no longer tinted. I have no carbon filters. Only coarse sponges and 4bio rings. based on directions and what I read (be careful it stains hands clothes, etc) I was not expecting the blue to disappear in my tank. Maybe overnight water circulated it which hadn’t happened fully last night?? I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything explaining.
  2. I have a 2 month cycled tank with deep gravel. Was adding beneficial bacteria. Just doing water top ups, not water changes. Planted it for first time last week with some from my local place and some from aquarium co-op. Bought come fish locally. Additionally bought two female Bettas online via livestream so my kids could pick them out. Arrived today. Bettas water was blue. I’m new, so followed the directions that came with the fish adding water gradually to adjust fish etc. no mention of what the blue is, or isn’t. I poured half of the now diluted bag water out then poured rest of it into my planted tank (paperwork told me to add entire contents of bag, which I didn’t). Then I thought I better do some research as to what the blue was and now I suspect these Bettas were being treated with Methylene Blue which in diluted form I’ve just added to my bio happy planted tank. I estimate less than 2 cups of the original water from bag made it into my 20g. I do not know the strength it was in the shipping bag. Looking for advice on next steps? Should I be worried about my plants or fish or my bacteria that I worked hard to establish for 6 weeks? Should I water change (which in drought CA was not my original plan)? Any other reason the water would be blue? Searching the forum for these words didn’t yield any hits so I’m posting here thank you for the help.
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