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  1. I picked up 4 of them and have had non stop eggs. Seems everyday or every other day 1 of them is laying eggs. Out of the 4 we know 2 are female and 1 is male and the other 1 could care less about mating.lol. I think he/she says y'all can reproduce I'm just going to eat n do snail things. Lol. I would say buy a few and see what happens and then take back the others.
  2. That's what I'm thinking. It was close to the color of eggs. It really did a number on the fish though. I'm also thinking swim bladder as it can't stay mid water or at the top any longer. Just sinks to the bottom as soon as it stop swimming. Idk though. I'm new at actually caring about the quality of life for the fish as many yrs ago I just kept them to look at. I think by me touching the fish and scaring it might have done more damage. Well I know it did now. Just stinks as it was the og of the tank.
  3. Thank you both for the fed back. This morning It was laying on it's side and the breathing was really slow with random gulps. (Almost like a hiccup) I don't want the fish to be in pain or struggling. However I put it back into the tank to see how it would act as it showed some sign of life when I lived it out of the water and is now laying on the sand upright. None of the other fish seem to be worried about it. For the squeezing thing I never squeezed the fish i only cupped it and held as gentle as possible close to the glass to get a better look at what was going on. I guess he/she got scared and took off out of my hand n released the substance. It wasn't getting bullied as it was the very 1st fish I had in the tank and was the tank boss for a long time although all aggression stopped when I got another 1 just lile it for some reason. Poss had male n female at that time idk.
  4. Yeah I am finding the videos very helpful and informative. They are just great videos to watch in general. I've been told I'm obsessed with aquarium co-op and I'm ok with that. Lol. Mind you this person wasn't into the hobby until I said here's a 50 gallon tank to do what ever you want with. Now she's starting to see the fun in the hobby and is stealing 🌱 and 🐌 from my tank.
  5. How's it going with the tank? I will add that if you have peacocks and haps they like open water not caves/big rocks. mbuna like caves and rocks to swim in n out of. If you go to YouTube and watch Zenzo with Tazawa tanks he keeps all 3 of the named Cichlids. Peacocks haps n mbuna. I've kept African Cichlids for many yrs but recently started actually caring for them. Also trying to learn as much as possible. I keep my mbuna n haps and a ph of 7.6/8.0 my water is hard/very hard. I will also say every tank is different and you can do things others say can't be done in terms of what fish to keep with Cichlids. It all depends on the fish in my opinion. I keep Corydoras with mine and they are just fine. Also the tank is fully planted with live plants. Anyways best of luck and enjoy the beauty of the greatest fish alive. Again in my opinion 😃
  6. I was told they might be Johnstoni Cichlids. They have no bright colors. Gold with random black strips
  7. I've been on a binge watch with the content on the channel. Other than live streams I've been playing 1 after the other from newest to oldest video. I want to learn as much as possible and feel everyone on the channel is top notch at explaining everything in way we all can understand. I would like to see more on African Cichlids as that's my main focus but we also have a community tank. Really anything fish is good for me. Thanks for sharing all the great information with us along with great products. 🐠🌱🐟
  8. Sorry for the long post. I have African Cichlids and when I got home I noticed 1 of them was at the top of the tank and was REALLY fat and breathing very heavy(like a panting dog) and still is hrs later. I gently cupped the fish in my hand without squeezing it and he/she got startled and a brownish/cream colored substance came out of the back end. It came out of the hole closest to the tail. Idk what 1 its called as I'm still learning. The whole area is swollen and looks to be sore. (No open wounds) however there's something red in color that seems to be at the edge(inside) of the hole closest to the anal fin. Could it have been undeveloped eggs coming out or is the fish in extreme danger. I tried getting a pic but couldn't catch the fish close enough to the front glass. No 1 seems to be bothering it other than the same breed/type. (I have 2 of the same) The color is like coffee but with EXTRA creamer. I've caught the fish and have it in a breeding box for the night unless I see others attacking it. I have a 20 gal I can move it to if needed. Currently have 2 others in it for treatment of damaged fins.(fin nipping from others) please any information on what this could possibly be would help out so much. Oh he/she eats fine and has been going to the bathroom fine. Haven't seem any poo activity tonight thought.
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