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  1. I am by far not expert but my assumption is, is the issue fixed? if not I assume they will not come back. My issue was way to low fertilizer and now that it is fixed they are coming back fast and looking great.
  2. Thank you. Yea did 2 large ones only because I think it needed it to ‘reset’. it started out great but I was not keeping the total Fertilizer high enough. I will go back to 20 percent changed or so now. And keep a closer eye going forward. Again huge improvement from 3 weeks ago.
  3. I got it 2-3 months ago. I do not see a date. It seems rather consistent with the co-op strips. API shows a bit higher but close.
  4. It has been 2 full weeks now that I think the issue was identified. Big water change last week and added easy green to around 30 PPM, big water change (40-50%) this past Friday and easy green to about 30-35 PPM. Checking mid week for PPM and TDS and keeping it at this point. Plants are really taking off again. all plants. Algae is way better BUT, I seem to have some blue-green algae. This started about 2.5 weeks ago. I have been removing it by hand. Mostly on the gravel and I have removed top layer. Did a good gravel vac. keep coming back. Not bad but not good. I added Maracyn Saturday and hope this resolves it. I also hope I addressed the issue, better water quality and I feel I was over feeding the little piggies. I will attach some photos of the new growth.
  5. Thanks. this is what my results are today when I arrived home. tds 240. API seems to be around 30 -35 but that is my guess. strips seem to be around 20. I follow the API direction exactly. Shake 1 add drops shake. shake 2 for 60 seconds. Add shake 60 seconds. Read at 5 min. test strips. Shake in water for 3 seconds lay flat without shaking water off. read in 60 seconds.
  6. I am using the co-op test strips and API. API is showing higher than test strips. test strips showing very very light pink. API shows a orange color. I am thinking about bring in a sample to local shop and seeing what they say.
  7. I was traveling Friday-Sunday, checked nitrates, 0. Did small water change and add 15 pumps of easy green. Nitrates 0. waited 2 hrs added 20 more, 0. waited 4 hrs and added 20 more, it was around 5. Checked this morning and added 20 more. I will check tonight. I plan on keep adding slowly until I get around 20 PPM. I will also watch the TDS and not allow them to get too high. I have to assume the plants are taking it in as fast as I add it. This is also a large volume of water but still, that is a lot of easy green.
  8. Ok good to know. I will keep checking levels using tds meter also and reduce water changes to 15 percent for a month and see were it is. thanks.
  9. I think I understand. change water 25 percent (around 45 gallons) Add easy green as filling the tank about 10-13 pumps (3 per 10 gallons) Mid week should I check tds and adjust accordingly? I assume so. as for dry I am in so much deeper than I wanted to be. This was to be one fish for my 4 year old granddaughter and turned into this. I love it best tank I had by far but more work ? Not yet anyway. all your help is greatly appreciated! again I will gladly take any advise I can. Paul
  10. So should I just try and keep it around 190 200 and nitrates around 20-30ppm? I after adding 70 pumps over the past several days and being sill at 25 PPM snd 190 tds I think I now know the reason the plants were melting. so far I have learned a lot and hope to keep learning.
  11. well I was at the aquarium store and picked on up and canceled the amazon order. I have added 15 pumps easy green Sunday after a 25% water change. 15 on Monday and Tuesday, 20 Wednesday and 20 today. from what I can tell nitrates are around 20 ish. my new TDS meter is telling me 190. tap water pending.
  12. Ordered ! Thanks. I really want this to work and appreciate any advise.
  13. OK, I will get one. Do you have a recommendation on brand? I will test my source water today. I have been adding easy green everyday and trying to get the level up, I think the plants have been consuming it. It just goes up slightly everyday but I am getting close to 20 PPM. Thanks for the input.
  14. Thank you. yes I am sure I was under dosing. using the test strips made me rethink. bio load is low. Just getting it started. I have some Rummy nose tetras and some neon tetras Amino shrimp and a few autos. no I have no way to check TDS. Should I? How can it help ? I have not seen any tests really other than nitrate. thanks for any advise. Paul
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