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  1. Thank you, and thank you for your candor. I will look at the guidelines.
  2. Just wondering if anyone can let me know what the guppies are like from coast gem?
  3. Looking for ways and ideas on how I can increase CO2 levels, without going with the whole CO2 injection system. Thanks Dave
  4. 40 gallon breeder, only 6 shells. not sure about the hiding spots?
  5. Just got my first Multi's tank going. Ended up with 4 females and 3 males. I think Ive got two males going at it pretty hard. Is this something they will work out, Or is there a chance i would have to separate them? Thanks
  6. ah says the blind man. Turn off the air, and the magic really happens. First time feeding Brine Shrimp, awesome.
  7. Sweet, Thanks all. Still working on my recipe. Doesn't seem like I have a lot of shrimp after 20 hours or so. Good i got two cans. LOL. Watched Your, Cory's, video like twelve times trying to extract knowledge. Not sure, practice make perfect. Thanks again all for the help Dave
  8. Hello all, New-be here. So for reasons I'm to embarrassed to say, I ended up freezing my Brine Shrimp eggs. Wondering if they are still usable? Thanks
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