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  1. I am in Seattle for a wedding but fly out back to the east coast today…just not enough time to check it off my bucket list. Guess I’ll have to come back….😔
  2. Any recommendations for a good hang on the back filter? I have the Aqueon 7.3 gallon shrimp and plant tank and do t really favor the internal filter it came with. I am planning to raise some guppy fry in it to give to friends. I have media from my other tank I’d like to put into the filter to jump cycle. Any suggestions would be great! Thank you!
  3. Yes!! It is my koi plakat Betta! Got him at my local fish store. Haha this is me too!!!
  4. All my plants are from Aquarium Co Op and I have my first Koi Betta, named Mochi, in a community Fluval Flex 15 gal tank! (10 neon tetras, 5 Kuhli Loaches and 3 Mystery Snails). I love planted tanks and can’t wait to see this one flourish.
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